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Intensive Outpatient Program

During the various stages of addiction recovery, people find themselves needing different levels of support and structure. Intensive outpatient programs are excellent for providing individualized support at a crucial step in a person’s recovery. At Enlightened Solutions, we offer a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Our Intensive Outpatient Program in NJ helps our clients on their journey to lifelong addiction recovery. 

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

The intensive outpatient program (IOP) is designed to provide structure while clients have the flexibility of an outpatient setting. Therefore, those in IOP can reside in their homes or a sober living program while they attend regular treatment sessions. Intensive outpatient programs are an essential continuum of care for those battling an alcohol or substance use disorder.

Furthermore, IOPs are helpful alternatives to residential treatment that still provide extensive support and therapy. According to an article in the Journal of Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, IOPs with integrated therapy significantly reduce substance use and depression symptoms for those with dual diagnosis. Since everyone’s addiction recovery is different, many clients benefit from IOP after they’ve completed a more intensive program or if they need a program for relapse prevention. Because IOPs offer consistent structure and support, these programs have a high rate of successful outcomes.

How Does IOP Differ From PHP? 

Attending a partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a similar time requirement to a full-time job, while the IOP time commitment ranges from nine to fifteen hours per week. This is the main difference between our Partial Care Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program in NJ.

Additionally, IOP is better suited to those who have completed our partial care program and are ready for a less intensive program. During IOP, clients can resume some of their regular activities while they continue their recovery. Understandably, this can be an excellent balance for people who need to transition back into their daily routines carefully. 

What are the Benefits of the Intensive Outpatient Program in NJ?

Our team of recovery and addiction specialists has designed our intensive outpatient program to provide clients with the discipline and guidance they need. This helps them stay on course or to find their path back to holistic recovery once again. Our IOP in New Jersey can help people that have relapsed or may be struggling with the idea of relapse. 

We also work with our intensive outpatient clients to help them build a safe and supportive environment outside of our treatment sessions. Our team of dedicated addiction specialists helps our clients connect with people in their communities that can offer outside assistance. This support allows them to successfully integrate into a community of like-minded people also committed to living a sober life. 

Benefits of the Enlightened Solutions Intensive Outpatient Program: 

  • Receive support and guidance through recovery challenges
  • Build self-discipline skills and maintain accountability
  • Get back on the path to recovery or stay on track
  • Connect with a supportive sober living community 
  • Gain the flexibility to prioritize both recovery and other crucial life commitments 

During our intensive outpatient program in NJ, clients will be continually evaluated to make sure they are fully engaged in treatment. Therefore, if additional treatment hours are needed, we can integrate the proper groups and activities into the treatment plan. In addition, random drug tests are administered to all of our IOP clients, and if needed, we can connect clients with their partnered physicians to help with medication management.

Is IOP the Right Level of Care for Me?

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) are designed for people that have been through residential treatment and detox. Or, they have been sober for a period of time and need encouragement but less supervision than a fully integrated residential program offers.

IOP could be right for clients who meet the following criteria:

  • Have completed detox and a residential treatment program
  • Are maintaining a stable job and familial obligations
  • Need additional support during continued recovery
  • Are ready for a lower time commitment that still puts aftercare skills into practice

Intensive outpatient care isn’t for everyone; many people need inpatient recovery or partial care if they’ve never experienced treatment before. They also may have an advanced substance use disorder and a co-occurring mental health condition. 

At Enlightened Solutions, we want to be sure that every client that comes into our intensive outpatient program is a good fit and will benefit from this program. During the intake process, each potential client will meet with a substance use disorder counselor or therapist that will be able to make the right decision as to whether or not the IOP is right for them. 

What is the Schedule Like During IOP at Enlightened Solutions?

Depending on the level of care and time commitment a person can allow for an intensive outpatient program, the treatment hours will range from nine to fifteen hours each week. This time will be spent attending group therapy as well as individual sessions.

Schedules vary depending on the need of the individual. At Enlightened Solutions, we offer a five-day-per-week IOP, and a three-day-per-week IOP both in the morning and evening. Our clients in IOP still spend the majority of their days and nights outside of our treatment center and have significant time to work independently.

Services Offered During Our IOP in New Jersey

After a full assessment of needs, we create a customized treatment plan and assign a schedule for focused therapy. Each client will have access to a variety of individual and group treatment settings here at Enlightened Solutions.

Our treatment offerings include:

  • Mood, Grief/Loss, and Anger Management
  • Body Image Disorders Group
  • Codependency Group
  • Co-Occurring Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Life Skills
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Sober Living Preparation
  • Sustainable Living Practices

Begin an Intensive Outpatient Program in NJ

At Enlightened Solutions, we understand how difficult life with addiction can be. Therefore, we are committed to helping you experience all the wonders of life, free of addiction. Addiction recovery is a personal journey, and no two experiences are the same. Our compassionate team is ready to answer any questions you may have about our intensive outpatient program in NJ. Contact Enlightened Solutions today to learn more about our addiction treatment programs and discover the right fit for your recovery.

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