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Wellness and Nutrition Groups

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Everything we build upon in addiction treatments at Enlightened Solutions comes from the basic elements of nurturing the Earth and our bodies so we can achieve a truly holistic lifestyle. Respecting the body and building our strength through proper nutrition can not only offer physical energy during treatments, but also clear the mind and loosen the tightness in our chests caused by guilt and stress.

Feeding our bodies processed foods and depriving our system of the vitamins and minerals required for healing renewal takes its toll on every aspect of our lives. If we combine that with the consumption of addictive substances, we’re completely neglecting our well-being as living, breathing, and evolving human beings. While we offer dual diagnosis and detox to clear the mind and remove substances from the body, we also must address what’s missing nutritionally to help us reach the goal of complete wellness from the inside out.

Wellness and Nutrition in Groups

Some treatment centers work on nutrition and wellness in private or individual settings, but here at Enlightened Solutions we work in groups, because it’s been our experience that those who learn wellness and nutrition in a group environment tend to be more successful in recovery. We can share experiences and create a buddy system to help someone stay on track – when you’ve made your wellness and nutrition goals known to another person, you’re more likely to stick to them.

For every client in our program, it comes down to the fact that they’re all learning something new and experiencing new sensations as they remove the toxic drugs and alcohol from their bodies. When we start eating well and consuming the foods that promote clear, healthy thought processes, we can begin to feed the many emotions required for the mind, body, and spirit connection. Think back to the Enlightened Solutions logo description – if you connect all the colors of the chakras with corresponding foods to nourish every part of you, you can unlock so many things in your body and spirit that can change your perspective on life and how you feel on a daily basis.

Nutrition at Enlightened Solutions

Our Executive Chef nourishes the body with fresh juices, smoothies and organic lunches. Our Certified Nutritionist has worked with our Executive Chef to prepare menus that help heal the body specifically for those who suffer with Substance Use Disorder. We will work with any special dietary restrictions.

Some of the Life Skills groups at Enlightened Solutions involve clients learning how to cook. Cooking is therapeutic for so many people, and as you cook, not only are you occupied with following a recipe and paying attention to portions, but you’re engaged in the creativity that’s required in preparing something all your own. We’re also more apt to appreciate the foods we eat when we understand how much work and planning goes into creating the dish. Food just tastes better when it’s natural and prepared with your own hands. Cooking can be fun, and as people eat well, they gain energy and feel their moods brighten, which can help build confidence and add perspective in therapy.

As you learn to cook these foods that support your recovery and goals, we teach you all about each component of the foods you eat and how they interact with your body. The more you learn about how your body reacts to certain foods, the better you can construct nutritional plans for yourself at home once you leave treatment. Along the way, you learn that the addictive substances you consume upset the balance you strive to create by eating well. There are always lessons to be learned in every aspect of treatment, and nutrition is no different.

Wellness Supports Nutrition and Vice Versa

Healthy nutrition fuels the body so that we can be more active. When we’re active and engage in exercises that help to open the spirit and release pent-up feelings, we feel much better. The healthier we feel on the inside, the more likely we are to feel confident enough to try new things. When the body is healthy, we think more clearly, and this is the key to refocusing the addictive brain. Since we have a variety of clients from different backgrounds that may never have engaged in exercise for wellness, our activities start off with the basics and progress as the group evolves. We offer hiking and walking groups as well as guided meditation and yoga classes.

Health and wellness teach us the following:

  • Mindfulness
  • Accountability
  • Strength
  • How to harness and support our creativity
  • Sharing ideas with friends
  • How to communicate with one another
  • How to follow directions and how to listen
  • To open up and try new things
  • To listen to our bodies
  • To find joy and happiness in the little things
  • To practice self-love and care

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