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Recovering From A Crystal Meth Addiction

Crystal meth is a highly addictive synthetic substance. A central nervous system drug, once methamphetamine hits the bloodstream by any method it accesses the brain and all systems throughout the body more quickly than other substances. Meth’s synthetic nature makes it a volatile and unpredictable drug. An ever changing set of formulae make meth unpredictable in what kind of high it will produce. Under the influence of meth, an individual can experience paranoia, psychosis, hyperarousal, and insomnia. People who have been long time meth addicts report staying awake for undefined periods of time, experiencing black outs, and waking up in places they don’t remember traveling to.

Effects of Meth

Meth is detrimental to mental and physical health. Smoking crystal meth can deteriorate the teeth and gums, while wreaking havoc on lungs, throat, and the body. Injecting crystal meth into the veins can cause infections, abscesses, and when mixed with other drugs like heroin, fatal overdose. Spiritually, meth takes over someone’s life. A bad meth addiction can lead someone resorting to any kind of length to get another hit of the drug.

Recovering from a crystal meth addiction is a long journey. It takes many months to normalize from the severity of using crystal meth. Due to the way meth interacts with the central nervous system, detoxing from meth can feel like a painful extraction. Psychologically, it is common to suffer from severe cravings. The cravings for meth can be so intense that one might decide using the drug again would be a better alternative or solution to the problem of cravings.

After Detox

After detox, it is important to support recovery from meth addiction through various levels of treatment. Someone is in critical need of residential treatment if they cannot stay sober or have the threat to hurt themselves or someone else. Lower levels of care like partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient programs which come with sober housing might be more appropriate if the condition is under relative control. Through treatment, therapists can help uncover underlying issues which might have contributed to experimentation with and abuse of crystal meth.

Cravings for meth will start to disappear as more tools for emotional regulation and coping are developed. Creating new meaning in life and building a life of recovery quickly replaces the need for the harmful substance. It may take some time for every nook and cranny of meth addiction to smooth out, resulting in lasting hyper behaviors and impulsivity.

Lifelong recovery from meth addiction is possible. Many times meth addiction is co-occurring with a mental health disorder like anxiety or depression. If you or a loved one are struggling and are in need of help, call Enlightened Recovery Solutions today. Recovery starts with you. Start your recovery with us. We have a solution. 833-801-5483.

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