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Redirecting Stuck Emotional Energy

Our painful emotions, fears and traumas have a way of energetically becoming stuck in our bodies. We may experience this stagnant energy, years after the original trauma took place, as Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder, as an anxiety disorder or neurosis, as persistent panic attacks, or even something as seemingly innocuous as over-worrying. These problems tend to grow stronger over time, and they feed off of our unresolved pain. It is highly important that we learn to shift our energy and work to remove these emotional blocks from within our bodies.

Shifting our energy can be done in various ways. One way is to meditate on the physical effects of our pain. Where does it manifest in the body? For many people, they feel their pain in very specific parts of their bodies. They might feel the uneasy energy of anxiety as heat or cold in their chest, or as a knot in their stomach. They might feel a lump in their throat, or tears welling up behind their eyes. They might feel a surge of nervous energy travel to their hands and feet. As we become mindful of how our pain manifests physically in our bodies, we can begin to use visualizations to redirect the energy in helpful ways.

When we feel the intense heat or cold of anxiety spreading in our chest, we can begin to visualize our breath bringing that energy into equilibrium more and more as we continue to breathe deeply. We can imagine the nervous energy we feel traveling to our hands and feet being released through our fingertips and out into the open air, and out through our toes and into the ground where it can be neutralized by the great earth. We could breathe mindfully through the lump in our throat, or the aching pain in our chest, feeling the pain subside over time as we allow ourselves to sit through it. And when we feel the tears coming, we could choose to let them flow rather than stopping them. All of these things help the energy to flow in healthier ways rather than allowing it to stay stuck, festering in the darkness of our denial or avoidance.

Other ways to shift the energy stored in our bodies are dancing, walking meditation and laughing. Singing and chanting harness the power of vibration to bring about powerful healing. Stretching the tight muscles where we hold onto our emotional tension can work wonders to bring a sense of peace and calm. Explore different ways of shifting your energy and find what works for you. Your mind, body, heart and soul will thank you!

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