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Reiki: Everything You Wanted To Know About Energy Healing

Reiki is becoming a buzzword in 2018 and it seems everyone is becoming a reiki practitioner or master. The holistic practice of creating healing energy was developed by Mikao Usui in 1922 in Japan. Since the 1920s the practice has expanded around the globe. People everywhere are trained in the ability to tune into their own energy and provide energy healing to others. A survey from 2007 found that at the time over one million adults in the United States had tried a reiki session. Today, reiki healing is being used in rehabilitation for addiction, to treat patients undergoing chemo, and many other medical as well as psychological settings.

Eastern philosophy believes that we have channels in our bodies, called meridians, through which energy flows. When our channels get clogged up our blocked, our mental and physical health suffers. We might have something blocking the flow of energy through our chakras, our meridians, or other parts of our body. Reiki healers can tune in and find out where our energy is blocked. They won’t necessarily be able to tell us why. However, each meridian and each chakra relates to components of our life, as holistic theory would suggest. We can take a hint from these metaphors and find awareness in how we can open ourselves up to more energy flow.

Though healers are moving energy, they are creating a wealth of benefits. Reiki has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation, cravings and difficult emotions, and symptoms of many other diseases. By moving and releasing energy, reiki healers can conduct their healing.

People who receive reiki healing report feeling different sensations during their sessions. Feelings of warmth or coolness in the body are common. Some are able to visualize the energy moving through their body and can see exactly where the reiki practitioner is releasing blocked energy.

For men and women who are in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, reiki healing is especially helpful. Addiction tears apart the mind/body relationship and disconnects a person from themselves. Being in such heightened states caused by stimulant substances or depressed states caused by depressant substances, alters the energy flow of the body. Releasing old energy helps those in treatment release emotions which they have held onto for some time. Reiki directly encourages the therapeutic process for healing mind, body, and spirit.

Enlightened Solutions offers a clinical, holistic and 12-step approach to the road to recovery.  If you’re struggling with addiction and/or mental illness, our program is specialized in dual-diagnosis treatments. Don’t hesitate and call today: 844-234-LIVE.

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