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Relapse vs. Slip

The road to recovery will always be a bumpy ride. This is true whether or not the person with addiction or alcoholism has relapses and/or slips during the way. Sobriety is a way of life and there must have a daily reprieve to practice abstinence. Otherwise, the mind will tell people that they can participate in disrupting addictive behavior. When there is vigilance about this fact of life, the likelihood of falling into old patterns will become less and less. Good news is that there are many ways those with addictive personalities can prevent this. It’s important to understand that relapse will be set into motion long before the action has taken place.

When people with addiction and/alcoholism are able to remain sober without using the tools of prevention, it is considered to be a “dry drunk” period of time. This means the mind is essentially still in the disease. The mind still wants to numb itself but cannot. This is not a pleasant way to live life, and it can be quite miserable. The disease of addiction, also sometimes considered the disease of the mind. When the tools are being utilizing at first but then begin to fade the addiction has the ability to swoop in and hijack sobriety.

Old habits and thoughts begin to arise and this is when the subconscious begins to relapse. It’s only a matter of time until the person with addiction and/or alcoholism picks up again. Having said that, it is entirely possible to come back from this moment of weakness and continue down the right path again.

The incidents in which someone is strong in sobriety becomes triggered and has a slip. A slip doesn’t have the period of previously relapsing in the mind and it seems to come out of nowhere. Unlike a relapse, the person can pick up the pieces right away and get back on the right track. Whereas with a relapse, it’s common for there to be a struggle in accepting the disease once again.

Relapses and slips have different consequences for each person. Some might have a slip and receive a DUI, while there may be a relapse that surfaces without a scratch. The fact is, no one knows what might happen once a person with addiction and/or alcoholism give into temptation. Therefore, there must always be a strong willingness to use the tools of prevention to live sober.  

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