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Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind stores our emotional information and directs the vast majority of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. When we are dealing with addictions and mental health issues, we are working with subconscious minds that are running on self-destructive programming. Our thoughts tend to default to negative patterns and limiting beliefs. To heal ourselves and be happy, we have to reprogram the way our minds think.

The subconscious mind responds excellently to the written word and can process it without all the usual filters of our fears and pain. To heal our subconscious minds and reprogram them to think the way we want them to, we can work with new programming for them to absorb. Try writing out your positive affirmations in addition to saying them. When you’re setting intentions for yourself, write them down. Use a journal to process your emotions, and to write about the healing changes you’d like to implement and the future you’d like to manifest. Think about creating a vision statement or mission statement for yourself and for your life, and then write it down. Read your affirmations, intentions, journal entries and mission statements as often as you can.

The subconscious mind also benefits from repetition. Practice repeating everything you’ve written for yourself, multiple times a day. Keep what you’ve written easily accessible and refer to it often. As you repeat your new programming, try to embody these new beliefs and over time, they will become second nature.

The key to ridding ourselves of problematic thoughts and beliefs is to create new thought patterns to replace them. Rather than fighting the old ones, focus on the new. Trying to battle our bothersome thoughts only makes them stronger, and as we focus on them, we amplify them. By creating resistance, we reinforce and increase their power over us. Instead, give your focus and energy to the new, self-affirming thought patterns you’re introducing. Rather than focusing on the thoughts we don’t want, we can focus on the ones we do want, which helps them to take root in our subconscious minds, thereby changing our default thought patterns.

The subconscious mind also responds to imagination. As we are reprogramming, we can use the power of visualization to help manifest the healing we are working towards. Imagine yourself healed, feel as though you are healed, believe you are healed.

The subconscious mind holds unlimited power- the power to heal and to create the lives we want for ourselves. Knowing how to reprogram our subconscious mind can make all the difference in our healing process.

Learning about ourselves and our minds is a crucial part of healing. The community at Enlightened Solutions can help. Call (833) 801-LIVE.

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