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What to Expect from Nutrition-Based Recovery

January 23, 2023
You’ve probably heard the expression, “You are what you eat.” This is true, to an extent. The foods we put into our b…

The Benefits of Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment

January 20, 2023
There are many ways of treating substance abuse, but at Enlightened Solutions, we believe that holistic treatment met…

Is a Partial Care Program Right for Me?

January 16, 2023
Anyone struggling with addiction will need help stopping abusing substances; however, not everyone needs the same kin…

What to Expect in Individual Therapy for Recovery

January 14, 2023
Individual and group therapy are two of the treatment programs offered at Enlightened Recovery, a facility that helps…

How Do I Choose the Best IOP Care?

January 10, 2023
Many people struggling with substance abuse need help to get sober, some more than others. An intensive outpatient pr…

Why Detox Is Necessary for Recovery

January 8, 2023
Detox is a physically and emotionally strenuous, but ultimately necessary, part of overcoming substance addiction. Th…

How Can I Overcome My Fear of Detox?

December 29, 2022
Being afraid of detox – often the first step in addiction treatment – is common and understandable. You may have hear…

How Group Learning During Treatment Benefits Recovery

December 29, 2022
Many treatment methods have been proven to treat substance addiction successfully. These methods can be a combination…

How Do I Choose the Right Treatment Program?

December 25, 2022
Addiction is a challenging yet treatable disease. Research has found many methods that can help people stop using dru…

How Stress Contributes to Substance Abuse

December 25, 2022
Stress doesn’t cause addiction, but there is an absolute correlation between high cortisol levels and substance use. …

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