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How Stress Contributes to Substance Abuse

December 25, 2022
Stress doesn’t cause addiction, but there is an absolute correlation between high cortisol levels and substance use. …

How Can I Cope With Holiday Stress Without Substances?

December 22, 2022
The holidays are often a time of celebration and spending time with family and friends. However, it can also bring an…

Why Substance Abuse Increases in Colder Months and How a 12-Step Program Can Help

December 22, 2022
What’s the connection between colder weather and substance abuse? Unfortunately, the latter tends to increase when th…

How Can I Encourage My Loved One to Seek Help?

December 19, 2022
Watching a loved one struggle with a substance use disorder (SUD) is incredibly challenging. When a loved one is in a…

How to Stick To Your Wellness Routine During the Holidays

December 19, 2022
It can be challenging to maintain a wellness routine during the holiday season. From hosting out-of-town visitors to …

Why You Should Volunteer During Treatment and Recovery

December 15, 2022
Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and help others. It’s especially rewarding when you&#…

How Can I Cope With Conflict in Recovery?

December 15, 2022
As humans, we are social creatures. This includes living and working with other people. Conflict is common between in…

How Can I Help Loved Ones Understand Addiction?

December 12, 2022
When you are recovering from addiction, it becomes clear that some who have not experienced addiction firsthand may s…

How to Avoid Using Substances to Cope With Seasonal Affective Disorder

December 12, 2022
Recovery from substance abuse is challenging at any time of year, but it can be especially discouraging during the lo…

5 Ways to Connect With Nature Through Horticulture Therapy

December 8, 2022
Most people enjoy getting outside and enjoying the beauty of nature. Aside from being abundantly beautiful, did you a…

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