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Self Care Checklist

Self care is important to recovery. You’re learning how to manage new stressors and new triggers in life as well as the new emotions that come up in response. When needing to practice self care, ask yourself:


Have You..

…Taken A Look At What Needs To Be Done And Made A Plan? Sometimes we get caught up in the future and the past when we stop paying attention to the present. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you might be looking too much at the whole picture. Taking the bigger picture into account isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, it can cause trouble when it prevents you from focusing on what needs to be done right now. Take a few minutes to make some lists and organize all that information swimming around in your head You’ll be feeling better in no time.

…Been Setting Healthy Boundaries and Taking Time For Yourself? Now that we are able to be present for others and have a deeper understanding of what it means to be of service, we might feel like we have to give all the time. Healthy boundaries are important for learning to say “No” when it is necessary. Make sure you are still receiving support in all the right places while taking time for yourself. It’s okay to say no every once in awhile.

…Noticed Your Breath Lately? It might seem odd, but quite often we forget to breathe. At least, that is, we don’t take mindful time to notice our breath. You might need to pause and take a deep breath in followed by a deep breath out. Focusing on your breath will help you to get grounded and anchored in the present moment

…Drank A Glass Of Water Today? Being dehydrated can lead to feelings of panic and anxiety. Staying hydrated is good for your brain, your metabolism, and your energy. Practice self care by purchasing an inspiring water bottle and drinking at least eight glasses of water per day.

…Reached Out To A Friend? Getting caught in your head is best remedied by getting out of your head. Reaching out to a friend for a helpful reminder of where you are, how far you have come, and what great things lie ahead is always good for self care.


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