There are many recovery treatment programs available, however, when selecting the most appropriate program for you and your loved ones, find the path that focuses on the individual key factors involved in addiction. At Enlightened Solutions we treat co-occurring conditions.

We are a facility that will treat individuals suffering from mental health disorders secondary to substance use disorders. Addiction and mental health disorders go hand in hand, but it’s often difficult to tell which came first, which is why it’s essential that new admissions undergo a co-occurring diagnosis to discover the best starting point for their focus in recovery. We will assist you in focusing on the core of your addiction by treating the emotional issues that may have contributed to where you are today, and address how coping with those issues can help you achieve long-lasting, successful recovery.

Mental Disorders We Treat:

To understand the approach we take at Enlightened Solutions to treat these co-occurring conditions, call our intake counselors at 833-801-LIVE.