Relapse does not have to be a part of the recovery process, and can be avoided. Our objective in developing relapse prevention is a positive perspective that reflects, “Recovery Maintenance”.

While relapse may occur, our outlook is to strengthen and continue the process of recovery by incorporating all areas that assist each individual to continue abstinence and improve wellness and live a quality life. Effective coping skills, strengthening of relationships and increased self-awareness are key components to sustaining recovery and achieving and maintaining balance.

“Hope is the catalyst of the recovery process.” In an effort to avoid relapse and support the concept of recovery maintenance, at Enlightened Solutions, we address the four major dimensions that support a life in recovery: Health, Home, Purpose and Community. Our sober living component monitors our clients to ensure a safe and stable environment while lending support to those in early stages of recovery. Focusing on overall health, all food is organic and wellness provisions are offered incorporating the holistic concept of body, mind and spirit. A full menu of comprehensive services such as Reiki, Yoga, and Massage are utilized as part of our personal wellness goals. Community events are scheduled to allow persons to actively participate in healthy activities, without a chemical using focus as they mature and rise to create life purpose in becoming a productive member of society.

Should relapse occur, it is addressed through positive support, without enabling. Our team of professionals, address each individual’s stressors and assist in identification of life areas that contributed to a regression of behavior, leading to relapse. Support networks such as family members and sponsors are strongly encouraged to remain an active part of this process so that individuals and their loved one’s continue to recover from this disease.