Our program consists of three levels of treatment designed to ease the client back into everyday life. We offer:

What We Do

The treatment team at Enlightened Solutions is acutely attuned to the challenges faced by a recovering addict, and provides compassionate therapy in a comfortable, soothing environment. When it comes to treating a disease as complex and all-encompassing as addiction, we know that therapies specially designed to heal the spirit are just as important as traditional medical and psychological modalities. Our multidisciplinary and holistic approach utilizes a wide variety of treatments and solutions, ranging from the clinical to the spiritual, all of which foster empathy, human connection, and inner peace.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Our experience at Enlightened Solutions has taught us that our clients flourish best in an environment of support and respect, where they can make healthy choices and are responsible for the outcomes of those choices. We meet the clients where they are in the process of change, addressing their individual needs and personal concerns.

Our approach, while different from many traditional programs, is valued by the many substance abuse treatment centers who actively refer their clients to us for ongoing treatment, because our program builds on our client’s previous recovery work in powerful ways. As we support our clients in continuing and deepening their use of 12-Step sponsorship, meetings, and step work, we encourage them to broaden their focus to explore how they are creating every aspect of their lives, and take responsibility for building a life of personal empowerment and fulfillment.

We provide clients with the safety, support, and experiences to explore complications that may arise, and discover their own path to recovery. Many clients discover co-occurring disorders, destructive character patterns, skills deficits, and life management issues that seriously compromise their sobriety, safety, health, and sense of belonging, connection, and self-actualization. When these underlying issues are addressed, our clients discover that they have not only uncovered their recovery – they have uncovered a sense of spiritual meaning, purpose, belonging, and personal fulfillment that transforms their entire lives.