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Intervention Services

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text uncode_shortcode_id=”142904″]Imagine that you feel so overwhelmed with the things you live with in your daily life, and the only way you can possibly face even getting out of bed is with the help of drugs and/or alcohol – this is a very real, very difficult scenario for those suffering from addiction.

For addicts, this obsession with substance abuse is often like a train that won’t stop until disaster forces it to a halt. Intervention is a method we use to allow addicts who are unaware of or unable to face their condition the chance to see what’s happened in their lives and why their substance abuse or behavior is a threat to their life and family relationships. Intervention is a presentation of choices that those suffering from addiction can make when they finally understand the damage substance abuse causes or will cause if they don’t seek a solution. During interventions, under the direction of an intervention specialist, we offer addicts the opportunity to not only listen to their family members’ concerns, but to truly change their lives. Interventions are often a vital first step in the journey to recovery for addicts and their families.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_single_image media=”17766″ media_width_percent=”100″ uncode_shortcode_id=”151559″][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_custom_heading uncode_shortcode_id=”101000″]It’s Best to Use a Professional Intervention Specialist
[/vc_custom_heading][vc_column_text uncode_shortcode_id=”319526″]At Enlightened Solutions, we don’t see an intervention as a mudslinging session to guilt trip an addict into submission, but rather the opposite. These interventions are meant to uplift and surround your loved one with family, love, and support so that they can start to believe in themselves and begin see a future without drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately for most people, interventions aren’t done with a proper professional who specializes in addiction, and this may cause more harm than good. The reason we believe these intervention sessions are best done with a professional addiction specialist is because they understand how delicate the moment is when it comes time to approach the addict, and how to delegate specific roles to family members. An addiction interventionist will take control of the situation and steer the conversation in the direction necessary to achieve a positive result between families and those dependent on substances.

For many family members and significant others, addiction is taxing, so if you or your family members require assistance in working with your loved one and helping them find the best recovery treatment available, we can set you up with an intervention specialist contracted through Enlightened Solutions. Intervention begins the movement toward happiness and the promise of a fulfilling life through a commitment to sobriety.

[/vc_column_text][vc_custom_heading uncode_shortcode_id=”150763″]Intervention Will:
[/vc_custom_heading][vc_column_text uncode_shortcode_id=”147705″]

  • Help those suffering from substance dependence acknowledge that there is a problem
  • Help the family remain focused and kind during their intervention
  • Orchestrate a plan for recovery with defined deadlines and goals
  • Teach family members how to understand addiction and the struggle addicts face
  • Offer constructive solutions for family members
  • Teach your loved one and family members how to communicate
  • Teach family and the addict that recovery is a beneficial thing that can be so beautiful to explore

[/vc_column_text][vc_custom_heading uncode_shortcode_id=”181341″]When Should I (We) Consider Intervention?
[/vc_custom_heading][vc_column_text uncode_shortcode_id=”324457″]The time for intervention is whenever you feel it’s time to get started on a serious recovery plan with your loved one. It might seem as though a few good talks here and there will get your loved one back on track, but depending on the stage of their addiction, intervention may be more important than you realize. How many conversations have you had with them while they were under the influence? How many promises have been made and broken? Now put yourself in their shoes – fighting a devastating, destructive fixation every single day when you’re emotionally broken, have low self-esteem and feel completely alone. Whether or not family members are close by and available to talk, addicts isolate and close themselves off from fear and guilt. Most of the time they’re unaware of how much support and help they really have until they are part of an intervention and can see that there are people in their life that truly want the best for them.

When you start talking through the process with an intake counselor at Enlightened Solutions, we will connect you with the intervention specialist that we’ve contracted for you as you explore recovery with us. The intervention specialist will begin working with your family to talk through the process with you and, based on the timeline you have decided on, they will offer their best advice for the logistics of the gathering. Interventions are planned in a way that makes the most sense for an addict’s lifestyle and schedule, as well as including the family members that wish to be present. Timing is a large part of an intervention, since we want to make sure the person isn’t going to be stressed or pressed for time. We want to ensure they don’t have to rush off and can stay to hear each family member, and have a chance to be heard in the process. We gently explain why recovery is the best option for them and how Enlightened Solutions can help family, friends, and loved ones interact to support a healthy, holistic lifestyle that’s conducive to recovery and finding the joy in sober living.

The point of intervention is to find a solution so you don’t have to helplessly watch your loved one waste away, working through these issues alone. Intervention will help you come to terms with the fact that help is needed, and the addict in your life has all the support they need to get started on changing their life. We want to build confidence and instill trust in each potential member of our addiction community so that we can help you and your family work through the difficulty of recovery from drugs and alcohol.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row row_height_percent=”0″ back_color=”color-green” overlay_alpha=”50″ gutter_size=”3″ column_width_percent=”100″ shift_y=”0″ z_index=”0″ uncode_shortcode_id=”509018″ back_color_type=”uncode-palette”][vc_column column_width_percent=”100″ align_horizontal=”align_center” gutter_size=”3″ style=”dark” overlay_alpha=”50″ shift_x=”0″ shift_y=”0″ shift_y_down=”0″ z_index=”0″ medium_width=”0″ mobile_width=”0″ width=”1/1″ uncode_shortcode_id=”252701″][vc_custom_heading uncode_shortcode_id=”137200″]If you’re reading this now, it means you’re thinking about solutions for your loved one.
[/vc_custom_heading][vc_column_text uncode_shortcode_id=”201488″]At Enlightened Solutions, our counselors are always ready to talk through the next steps with you and to help you set up your family intervention. Addiction can be such a dark place for everyone it touches – call Enlightened Solutions today to learn more about our intervention services and how we can help you and your loved ones to step into the light.


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