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Relapse Prevention In New Jersey

In the context of addiction recovery, relapse refers to a return to drinking and/or drug use after a prolonged period of sobriety. At Enlightened Solutions, we believe that relapse never needs to be a part of your story. We have developed an effective relapse prevention training program that focuses on the development of healthy coping skills and relapse prevention strategies. We equip our clients with the tools needed to stay sober long-term and build healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives in recovery. 

Our New Jersey relapse prevention training program helps clients identify their personal relapse triggers while honing the skills necessary for continued recovery. Relapse prevention is an important part of each level of care we provide. To learn more about our multi-staged addiction treatment program, contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you soon and answering any additional questions you may have. 

relapse prevention class in New Jersey

What is Relapse Prevention

The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine states, “There are four main ideas in relapse prevention. First, relapse is a gradual process with distinct stages. The goal of treatment is to help individuals recognize the early stages, in which the chances of success are greatest. Second, recovery is a process of personal growth with developmental milestones. Each stage of recovery has its own risks of relapse.”

At Enlightened Solutions, we explore the different relapse triggers a person may experience during each distinct stage of the recovery process. The article continues, “Third, the main tools of relapse prevention are cognitive therapy and mind-body relaxation, which are used to develop healthy coping skills.” Our holistically-based program combines evidence-based therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) with mindfulness techniques. Clients learn how to calm their bodies and their minds simultaneously, pausing when they feel triggered. 

The article concludes, “Fourth, most relapses can be explained in terms of a few basic rules. Educating clients in these rules can help them focus on what is important: 1) change their life (recovery involves creating a new life where it is easier to not use); 2) be completely honest; 3) ask for help; 4) practice self-care; and 5) don’t bend the rules.”

Asking for help is an essential part of relapse prevention. We help our clients build strong sober support networks while they are engaged in treatment. As they progress in their recovery, they are able to lean on the relationships they built during each level of care

Relapse Prevention Techniques 

When it comes to preventing relapse, the most effective techniques for one client might not be equally as effective for another. At Enlightened Solutions, we help each individual client develop the strategies that make the most sense for them. Examples of relapse prevention techniques we teach to our clients include:

  • Mindfulness meditation/grounding techniques
  • Identifying people, places, and things that could lead to relapse, and intentionally avoiding potential relapse triggers
  • Playing the tape through
  • Pausing before reacting
  • Leaning on a network of sober friends and mentors

At Enlightened Solutions, we teach a range of effective services that lend themselves to relapse prevention. These services include:

  • 12-Step program education and participation in a 12-Step program
  • Experiential therapy and creative arts therapy
  • Wellness groups and nutritional counseling
  • Life skills training, including vocational training and educational placement
  • Personalized aftercare planning services

art therapy in New Jersey for relapse prevention

Relapse Prevention Services in New Jersey 

While relapse may occur, our goal is to continue strengthening recovery by addressing all areas that affect the ability to maintain abstinence. Our relapse prevention training program is about more than teaching clients to stay the course. We actively work to improve their overall quality of life. Effective coping skills, strengthening of relationships and increased self-awareness are key components to sustaining sobriety and achieving and maintaining balance.

We offer effective relapse prevention training services in New Jersey. Our team of experienced professionals has developed a comprehensive recovery program that focuses on healing the mind, body, and soul. We believe that relapse prevention is about much more than maintaining abstinence. We provide clients with the tools they need to thrive in all that they do. 

Our New Jersey Treatment Programs

Our program uses levels of treatment designed to ease clients back into everyday life. 

We offer the following levels of clinical care:

  • Inpatient detox 
  • Inpatient or residential addiction treatment
  • Partial care program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Outpatient program
  • Sober living housing 

At Enlightened Solutions, we take a whole-person approach to substance use and mental health recovery. We address the four major dimensions that support a life in recovery. These dimensions are health, home, purpose, and community. Our sober living residence offers additional structure and support, providing clients with a safe and stable environment while lending support to those in the early stages of recovery. 

We offer a range of holistic services including reiki, yoga therapy, and massage therapy. We teach our clients the importance of physical health and nutritious eating habits. Community events are regularly scheduled, allowing clients to actively participate in healthy activities with like-minded peers. As clients foster community and learn to prioritize their own health and well-being, they develop a sense of purpose. They work towards independent living as they become productive and functional members of society. 

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Contact Us Today to Learn More 

Should relapse occur, our staff members address the return to substance use with compassion and understanding. Our team of professionals works to address the needs of each client. We assist in identifying areas that contributed to a return to drinking or drug use. If a relapse does occur, a return to treatment is often beneficial. However, you or your loved one might not require the same level of care they previously participated in.

To learn more about the levels of care provided by Enlightened Solutions or to learn more about our integrated approach to substance use and mental health recovery, contact us today.

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