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Setting Energetic Boundaries

Once physical recovery is established, it is time to begin the pathway to emotional and spiritual recovery.  It is challenging to effect change on these planes of healing before physical sobriety is established.  Once it is established, it is essential to take actions to create both emotional healing and spiritual awakening in order to sustain recovery over time.  

Emotional sobriety is discovered in the process of examining and transforming one’s relationship with control. When the addict is engaging with control, this is called ‘being the  director’ of all of life.  The releasing of this orientation is named ‘living life on life’s terms’.   These two phrases are used to identify two states, demonstrating when an addict has taken back the control of their life from their higher power and when they have surrendered it back to their higher power.

Both of these expressions highlight the journey of emotional sobriety discovered through the exploration of boundaries.  They allow us to learn where our lives end and where others begin.  Through them, we learn to stay on our side of the street.  Honoring both sides of the median, there is also this place of overlap between you and others.  Energetic tools are some techniques to expand personal capacity to relinquish control in the the overlap space so that you are able to be of service.  Some tools follow:  

  • The egg visualization: this is the process of seeing or feeling an egg-shaped circular sphere that surrounds your field.  As this space is shared with others, envision it as a permeable substance.  It can be explored by filling it up with soft, colored light when extra cleansing is needed.  
  • Rose bridge between hearts: allow the vision of a bridge made of rose petals that extends from the space of your heart to the heart of the other.  Imagine a river of energy in the color green from one end of the bridge to the other.  
  • Paint brushing: creating a paintbrush in your imagination that paints in clouds to cloud-paint the space of your field and the field of the person you are being of service to.  Rather than engaging the field to protect, you are now engaging the field to bolster the sense of unity.  
  • Breathwork: explore the power of the breath matched with mantra.  Perhaps inhaling ‘thy will’, exhaling ‘my will’.  Allow yourself to creatively explore mantras that enliven your sense of connection to God.   


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