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Sharing as Healing

Many of us close ourselves off to potential healing opportunities because we are unable to share our pain with other people. All too often we feel alone, we isolate ourselves, and we don’t get the help and support we need. Bearing our souls to another can be daunting, even terrifying, but the more we share, the more we can help each other heal.

Talking things through with other people can be a powerful way to process and navigate our emotions. Therapy can help you address many deeply rooted issues- fears, childhood trauma, limiting beliefs, etc., but you can also benefit from sharing with anyone with whom you feel safe enough to express your truth. Many of us don’t have close friends or family, but if we are open to receiving help, we can find it in meetings, support groups, and online forums, in the co-worker who might offer a listening ear, or the stranger that sits down next to you in the park, who can tell you’re sad and asks if you’re ok. There is infinite support, guidance and wisdom for us to tap into when we’re open to it.

All too often we suppress our thoughts and feelings out of fear. We fear being judged by others. We fear judging ourselves. It can be so hard to handle our darkest truths, and we often find it easier to run from them than to face them head on. We might fear being rejected by other people. Deep down we may actually be rejecting parts of ourselves. We might fear owning up to our mistakes. We might be drowning in guilt, shame and feelings of unworthiness.

It takes courage to be honest with ourselves about our emotions and then share them with other people, especially when we have been hurt, felt judged or had our trust betrayed. Sometimes when we do share of ourselves, we are met with criticism, judgment and disapproval. We might have been rejected by someone close to us and felt abandoned and isolated as a result. We may have been silenced or shunned, making it that much harder to even want to express ourselves. When we remember that we are stronger than our fears, anything is possible, especially recovery.

It is powerfully liberating to know that as we confront and share our pain, we are empowering ourselves and becoming stronger. Sharing our vulnerability is a step toward trusting ourselves, trusting in our own inner strength, and approaching our healing journeys with courage and faith.

We listen, and we understand. Many of us have personal experience with recovery. Enlightened Solutions offers therapy, mentoring, and friendship. Call (833) 801-LIVE today.

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