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Sharing as Service

Sometimes when we think about sharing our stories during our recovery process, we think about the benefits it can have for us. Sharing helps us to express our pain, to find the understanding and compassion we’re looking for from other people, and to connect with other people experiencing similar things. Because we are always learning from each other, sharing of ourselves can also be an act of service- to help others, to offer guidance and wisdom, and to be a part of their recovery.

It can be really scary to share our thoughts, emotions, stories and experiences with other people, especially if we don’t know them well enough to know that we can trust them. Sharing requires a vulnerability and honesty that can be really hard to muster. It can be uncomfortable, awkward and embarrassing. We are putting ourselves out there at the risk of being judged, criticized and rejected.

Instead of only focusing on how we can benefit from sharing our stories, we can start to see sharing as something we can do to help other people who are suffering. Looking at it this way can help us summon the courage we need to take that step. It can be a leap of faith. We don’t know how we will be received, but we share anyway, believing someone out there might be helped.

Many of us feel like we wouldn’t have been able to recover from our addictions and mental health issues without other people’s help. Oftentimes these people helped simply by sharing their own stories. The lessons we learn from other people’s experiences can be invaluable and lifechanging.

We can choose to help other people not be alone in their suffering. We can take everything we’ve learned and pass it along. We can be a guiding light in other people’s healing journeys. Sometimes simply knowing we’re not alone can make all the difference. Addiction, depression and other mental/emotional challenges can be very isolating. At times it can be difficult and frightening to talk to other people, or to even be around other people. Imagine the impact you could have on someone who is struggling, just by talking, just by being yourself and sharing your story.

Being honest about our struggles can be difficult, but it can be less so when we open ourselves to the idea of sharing as service. We can choose to wish other people healing and wellness, and to want to help them along their way.

We have years of experience helping people to share their stories, and sharing our own. We’re here to help. Call (833) 801-LIVE.

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