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Signs of Anxiety That Seem Like Everyday Issues

You know that you have anxiety when your worrisome thoughts are disrupting your life. They continue to play over and over in your head. By questioning your everyday behavior to symptoms of anxiety, you will know whether or not you need to be treated for it.

Easily Irritated

It may happen where a friend of yours is joking around with you or you accidentally spill your drink. You may realize that you are getting upset over things that others have laughed at themselves over. It is possible that you feel your friend is to blame or the situation. The truth is that our anxiety may cause us to get upset easily. Anxiety is constantly pushing you towards the edge because these racing thoughts are not stopping. Without treatment, you feel like you are going to snap at anything that comes your way. If you feel like you cannot pull yourself together when you feel like getting irritated, it may be time to get professional help.

Thinking the Worst

An anxious mind will make it its goal to detect any potential dangers and threats lurking around. If something seems off, your anxious mind will tell you to stay far away. The anxious mind is not always accurate in what seems like a dangerous situation can be pretty minor. For example, you may see your friend laughing with another friend as they look in your direction while you go and get napkins. You could automatically be jumping to conclusions thinking they are talking about you when it could be about anything. Having anxiety can mean you are assuming the worst even though everything, in reality, can be okay. Anxiety is twisting your brain around and doing therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy can help change your negative thoughts to positive.

Lack of Sleep

Anxiety can mean having trouble falling asleep. Your thoughts are very loud and you are having trouble shutting them off. You could be thinking about what happened today, the things you need to accomplish tomorrow or the rest of the week. It is no different than trying to sleep and you hear loud noises from the people in your house or out on the street. By being able to finally fall asleep, you think that your thoughts have decided to sleep too until you wake up in the middle of the night and your thoughts catch up with you. If this is a constant problem you are experiencing, this is another anxiety symptom. Without any help, you will wake up every morning feeling worn out instead of refreshed.


Another symptom of anxiety is constantly doubting yourself. It can be how your dress, how you talk, the choices you make, etc. Anxiety can make it seem scary to make mistakes and need reassurance from others to feel safe. You want them to constantly tell you that everything will be okay because you do not have any positive thoughts in your head reassuring you. Constant reassurance can actually push your friends away if they feel like you are not confident in yourself or can get annoyed at having to tell you the same thing all the time. If you do not know why you are not confident in yourself, a therapist can help you uncover the answer that is hidden deep inside of you.

Replaying Interactions

It is possible that you may have once said something to someone that they took offense to. It may not have driven that other person to anger, but you could feel a tone in their voice. Even though everything is fine between the two of you, you cannot help but replay that conversation over and over because you know you made a mistake. It is good to care when a friend is upset. It is another to keep stressing over the situation when everything is fine. You will leave yourself overwhelmed if you are going to analyze every conversation you have as not every conversation will turn out perfectly.

What Ifs

Every choice we may have alternative scenarios. If we decide on one path, we will end up in one place and choosing another path will take us somewhere else. While it is good to make plans, overthinking them can cause you to miss out on great opportunities. While we may think our anxious mind is protecting us from dangerous outcomes, it is actually making us afraid of things we do not know will actually happen. If you are so used to avoiding things because you are afraid, this may be a second nature tactic for you. Being aware of your thoughts will help you realize that every once in a while, you need to take a chance and try new things.

Not Making Decisions

These anxious thoughts are taking over your brain and making it hard for you to make a clear decision. You do not want to make the wrong decision which makes you ask your friends what to do or spend so much time thinking about it. While big decisions take a lot of thought and consideration, the small things like deciding what movie to see or what to wear today will leave you in agony. Noticing any of these ongoing changes that are overwhelming you are not just a normal everyday occurrence. To avoid feeling defeated daily, it is important to acknowledge these behaviors and get into treatment for anxiety disorder.

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