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Stay Away From Trigger Drinks

Those with the disease of addiction have many habits that must be broken to move forward in recovery. There may be the need to pick up a non-alcoholic beverage that acts as the replacement to fill the void. This might work at first, but eventually, the void needs to get filled with love and acceptance. However, the mind of addiction has been chemically altered to prioritize drugs and alcohol. As a result, addiction can seemingly sneak around corners to pounce on those with addiction or alcoholism at vulnerable moment. The addicted mind will quickly rationalize and justify an excuse to fall into old behaviors. Those in recovery are suggested to stay away from any practice that gives off any similar feelings which portray old obsessions- namely, self-sabotaging behaviors.

There are beverages such as non-alcoholic beers and wines, which some might find to be a safe option. Although these beverage choices might work for some people, experimenting with them is not recommended. The very action of pouring a glass of beer or wine can be a trigger for the addicted mind. Even if the substance itself doesn’t give the same reaction, the mind begins to act as if it does. This can be the start to a mental or a subconscious relapse- meaning, the brain begins the process of obsessing and craving. If anyone in recovery finds a desire for a faux cocktail, it might be a good time to look at what’s really going on inside. This behavior is too risky in early recovery. Its likely that if this is avoided, there would be less of an urge to partake later in sobriety. Kicking this ritual to the curb will be better in the long run couple possibly give the person more of a chance at staying sober.

Drinks containing 0.5% alcohol are considered to many, to be non-alcoholic. Beverages such as kombucha, have been taken off of shelves and put back on with a 21 and over age limit label- due to this specific alcoholic content. All legalities aside, if there is any trace of alcohol at all in any drink, those with addiction will want to stay away. Any action that allows for the people to act as if they are engaging in addictive behavior can lead to relapse if that person is not well enough equipped to act without relapse.

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