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Sunday Depression

The weekend is normally a time when people can relax and enjoy themselves as they are off from work and school. People tend to feel depressed, on the other hand, when Sunday comes around because they know that it is the start of another week. Instead of dreading Sundays when it inevitably comes around, find ways to look forward to it to avoid feeling depressed on this day.

Have a Fun Sunday Evening

While most people use their Saturdays to prepare themselves for the week like getting their laundry done, cleaning around the house, and other things to prepare for the week, you can also use this evening to find something fun to do. Save your chores and responsibilities during the morning and afternoon of Sunday. Do something fun in the evening like see an early movie or go out to dinner to places where they have Sunday specials. If you have another friend that gets depressed on Sundays, have them join you in your plans and leave the house. If you two have a gym membership, go workout together as well as socialize to make exercising easier. You two will also be able to release feel-good endorphins much easier as you exercise together.

Think of Exciting Things to Look Forward to This Week

Instead of thinking about all of the days you have of working or any classes or tests you have to take, think of things to look forward to for the coming week. It could be very possible that friends have made plans with you during the week or that there is an episode of your favorite show airing sometime this week. Try to make a list of all of your plans for each day of the upcoming week to help you look forward to the week. You always want to have a drive that will make you look forward to waking up in the morning. Let this list be proof that you do not have to dread this upcoming week, but feel excited about it instead.

Write Down Your Wants

It is possible that you could be having a lot of worries on Sundays, but you do not know what. Journaling can be a great way to write down what is going on your head. Studies have shown that journaling can reduce anxiety and depression symptoms. Give yourself ten minutes and jot down everything on your mind without worrying about if what you are writing down makes sense. Once you are down, read what you have wrote and write to the side what you will do to ease those worries. It can be that you hate that it is Sunday because you have four long shifts to get through this week. You can write down that every shift you work, you are bringing home a steady income to support yourself and it will only make your days off and weekends seem more precious. Writing things down will make you realize things about your wants and needs that you did not know you had before. Reading your thoughts will bring you more awareness.

Projects on Sunday

It may be possible that another reason that you dread Sundays is because you tend to use Fridays and Saturdays as your days of having fun and save all of the hard stuff that you have to do for Sundays. You should instead try to do the opposite where you try to get everything done on Friday mornings so that you can have the whole weekend to yourself. For example, if you have a project that will be time-consuming and can take all day, save that time for Friday morning. If you feel like this project will only take an hour or two but you are busy all weekend, wake yourself up early on Sunday to get it done and over with. If you are too busy during the beginning of the week to get your work done, save your work for Sunday morning and stick with it so that you can have the rest of the day free. 

Unplug For the Day

It may not seem like a realistic option to unplug for a few hours as you may have work emailing you or messaging you on updates to know for the upcoming week. If you feel like you need to be on your phone at night, turn down your screen light as the brighter the screen light, the more harder it will be to go to sleep at night. Being too absorbed in your phone will cause you to miss out on all the fun day occurring in the real world. If you give yourself off more time off on Sunday, you will feel more productive on Monday. 

Moments of Relaxation

You should not be ending your Sunday dreading for the start of another week. Before it is time to go to bed, give yourself a couple of hours to yourself. This can mean taking a bath, listening to a podcast, reading a book, or anything else that will mellow you out. Whatever you do, think about the present moment instead of picturing what the week will look like for you. Depression will only get to you on this particular day of the week if you let it get to you. Think of Sundays as a positive day to enjoy yourself and end your weekend on a positive note.

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