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10 Relaxation Techniques To Get You Through A Difficult Time

  1. Breathing: Breath is the source of life. Connecting the breath is an immediate way to calm down. It’s little coincidence that when we’re having an anxiety attack, getting all out of sorts and hyperventilating, someone tells us to breathe. Trying to take deep breaths on your own can be difficult when your head is running a hundred miles a minute. Look to an anxiety management, meditation, or mindfulness app to help you with breathing techniques. Pacifica even has a track that breathes with you.
  2. Meditation: Meditation will settle down any difficulty in as little as two minutes. Headspace has a great “SOS” series of 2-3 minute meditations designed to help you get situated. Focus on the breath, quiet your thoughts, scan your thoughts and your body. You’ll feel more relaxed.
  3. Mindfulness: Mindfulness is a practice that can be applied anywhere. Mindfulness can be practiced through a meditation, through an activity, or just in your own thoughts. Bringing your attention and awareness to specific things will help you to stop obsessing over whatever difficulties you are facing and connect to peacefulness.
  4. Take A Walk: Movement is good for the soul. If you can take a walk, swinging your arms back and forth across your body, you’re engaging your brain in active bilateral stimulation which helps the nervous system calm down when it is activated.
  5. Stand In The Sunshine: The sun gives an energy that only the sun can. Mindfully notice it’s warmth, the way it glows through your eyelids when they’re shut, and how it makes you feel. Let the cozy heat envelop you like a blanket, soothing your fears and anxieties.
  6. Dance Around: Dancing is an ancient practice. Make light of a heavy situation by turning on your favorite song, or even just dancing to yourself. Five to ten minutes of non stop movement will help get the blood pumping and focus your energy somewhere other than your emotions.
  7. Color: Grab a notepad, a sketchbook, a canvas, a coloring book, and your favorite medium. Connecting to the strokes of painting, drawing, or sketching is like an instant meditation and form of relaxation.
  8. Go For A Run: Running helps produce endorphins, which are good for positive feelings and clearing the mind. Tie up your favorite runners and hit a path. You don’t have to run for very long to feel more relaxed.
  9. Call A Friend: Sometimes you just need to talk. Call up a friend who you know has a willing ear and just let it all out.
  10. Journal: When a friend isn’t available, the next best place is a journal. If you can’t talk it out, write it out. You might discover things you weren’t aware of before.

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