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Can Crystals Help Anxiety Attacks?

Anxiety is a common experience of addicts entering recovery, especially in the earliest stages of recovery.  It is one of the feelings that addicts are seeking to mask with substances.  Anxiety is the escalation of excitement.  Excitement has risen to an intensity that causes distress.  Crystals are a simple yet powerful tool to support the ability to be present with this, and other, emotions.  

One of the primary ways that crystals support with anxiety is to have a grounding effect on the escalating energy.  Rocks, in general, can help root down energy that is rising.  The rooting down of this energy can keep it at manageable levels for the addict.  

Being in contact with a gem also activates the senses.  Anxiety, and the escalation of any emotion, is simply the intensification of the amount of attention on a triggering event.  Any amount of attention currency that can be placed elsewhere will soften the intensity of the emotion.  The senses are one of the most accessible ways to shift the attention.

Crystals have very long lives and they have been holding energy for the planet throughout.  They can also be engaged to hold energy for the addict in recovery.  When there is a specific challenge present, it is possible to release some, or all, of this energy to the crystal through a meditation practice.  The crystal can hold this energy for you until the full  moon comes.  On the eve of the full moon, you can place the stone in the full-moon light and this will transmute and release the energy.  You can also achieve this by submerging it in water with sea salt at any given time.  Remember to express gratitude to the gem for processing the energy for you as well as any other earth resources involved in the release process.  

When beginning a journey with crystals or other gemstones, remember to trust the process.  The mind will want to know all the facts! Allow yourself to be in the mystery of the unknown with these ancient healers.  Explore intuition when choosing a gem to guide healing.  Let in the gentle reminder that these rocks hold the ancient wisdom of the life of the planet.


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3 Crystals You Need For Recovery

Crystal healing is an ancient spiritual practice. Beautiful crystals, gemstones, and minerals live within the depths of our planet. Beneath the surface of the ground, hidden within caves and stones, are stunning, energy harnessing crystals. Using crystals for healing in recovery is a holistic treatment method which relies on energy. Eastern philosophies of the body believe that we store energy in specific areas of the body, which creates stress. Within our bodies are natural channels and pathways for the energy to flow. Emotions, pain, grief, trauma, stress, and other negative factors can block these meridians causing both psychological and physical side effects. Crystals, along with other holistic treatments like acupuncture and chiropractic, help move or release that energy. Crystals can also provide pain relief, enhance creativity, sharpen focus, or bring good social connections.

For Goop, certified shamanic energy medicine practitioner Colleen McCann shares some of her essential crystals and some of their properties for healing. We’ll include why they’re helpful during the recovery treatment process.

Black Obsidian
Good for: grounding
Chakra: first (root)
Recovery: Anxiety is a highly occurring dual diagnosis with substance use disorders and can commonly be a side effect of withdrawals, as well as coping with difficult emotional work. Anxiety sets off the fight or flight mode, causing us to feel disconnected. Grounding is an important practice for being rooted in the present moment.

Rose Quartz
Good for: positivity and love
Chakra: fourth (heart)
Recovery: McCann writes that rose quartz “enhances all types of love: self-love, love for others, and unconditional love.” Love and compassion are essential for recovery. Helping with self esteem, confidence, emotional regulation and more, rose quartz gives extra support in recovery.

Lapis Lazuli
Good for: communication
Chakra: fifth (throat)
Recovery: The first step in recovery is admitting we have a problem. Speaking our truth starts us on the path to recovery and carries us through as we learn to live by the suggestions of a program which “demands rigorous honesty” as The Big Book emphasizes. Maintaining honesty through open, healthy communication is an essential part of growth within recovery.

Enlightened Solutions offers a holistic treatment program which utilizes alternative eastern treatment methods in addition to evidence based proven western clinical modalities. For information on our partial care programs of treatment call 833-801-5483.

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