Embracing our Gifts for Recovery

Embracing our Gifts for Recovery

When we are embroiled in addiction and mental health issues, sometimes the first thing we abandon is our connection to our gifts, our natural talents and abilities. We neglect our passions and interests to focus on maintaining our addiction. With all the turmoil and distress we’re experiencing, we don’t have the emotional clarity to remember how beneficial our passions can be to our well-being. When we’re stressed and overwhelmed, we don’t have the time or energy for what we consider to be leisure activities. When we prioritize our happiness, however, we give ourselves a huge advantage in the recovery process.

Reconnecting with our gifts is about remembering who we were and what we were passionate about before addiction took hold of our lives. What were you naturally good at, before addiction caused you to forget your talents? What did you excel at? What made you feel inspired and impassioned? What brought joy to your heart and made your soul sing? These interests were given to us as a reason. For many of us, our passions are our calling. We’re meant to pursue them, whether professionally or as hobbies, to make us happy and add light to the world. Our interests bring us a sense of purpose, of fulfillment and accomplishment. When we give time to our passions, we feel proud of ourselves. We feel complete.

By embracing our gifts and talents, we are giving ourselves a healthy outlet for our emotional energy. Our pain and fear have somewhere to go rather than staying stuck and stagnant within us. We allow our energy to flow through creative expression. We’re able to process, express and communicate our difficult emotions in productive and healthy ways. Our pain is transformed into something beautiful, useful and beneficial. We can give these gifts to ourselves and to others, just by being who we naturally are and embracing the talents we were given.

Any time we have a positive outlet for ourselves, we’re less likely to need to turn to our addictions for relief from our pain. Our creative expression becomes our relief instead. Our energy is going to something helpful rather than something detrimental. We encourage and uplift ourselves, adding to our resilience and increasing our capacity for growth and change. We transform ourselves from within, using natural sources of joy as our catalyst. When we add our gifts and passions to our recovery program, we benefit greatly from how much they can help us stay on track with our recovery.

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Learning to be Conscious of Our Stress Levels

Learning to be Conscious of Our Stress Levels

Many of us living with addiction have managed to bury our deepest emotions for so long that we aren’t aware of how much stress we’re actually living with on a daily basis. We prioritize everything over our mental health – our responsibilities and obligations, our daily schedules, our relationships and the people we take care of. When we experience toxic levels of stress on a regular basis, our overall health can slowly decline. Our mental, emotional and physical health can all suffer. Our addictions become our default coping mechanism. When we’re working towards recovery, it’s so important to learn how to be conscious of our stress levels so that we can manage them and find healthy ways to cope.

There are some signs that can help us to pinpoint when our stress has reached toxic levels. We can experience excessive anxiety, worry and panic that distract us from being able to focus and interfere with our ability to cope with daily life. When stress accumulates to dangerous levels, we can feel increasingly depressed and despondent. We feel unable to keep up with the demands of our responsibilities. We feel easily overwhelmed and triggered.

When we’re experiencing acute stress, we might have more severe mood swings than we’re normally used to. We might find that our emotions fluctuate dramatically. We might be more reactive with other people and take things personally more often. We might feel like people are out to get us, or like we’re being victimized. We might feel powerless to stand up for ourselves, and we may feel uncomfortable in our environment.

Heightened stress can affect our thought patterns. We can feel our minds race and feel as though our thoughts are out of our control. We might obsess more about the things that are bothering us. We might have a harder time controlling our emotions and feel like we can’t calm ourselves down whenever we’re upset.

Healing our stress levels requires investigating the underlying issues causing our stress. We have to look beyond the daily stressors and surface problems to examine the deeper factors increasing our stress levels. Sometimes our stress can be attributed to unhealed trauma, unresolved conflict or unhealed internal issues. We might need to do some conflict resolution and deeper inner healing before we see a reduction in our stress. It’s so important that we learn to practice self-care and mindfulness to help ourselves heal from stress. Meditating, committing to a spiritual practice and having a regular exercise routine are all especially helpful in managing stress.

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