How Our Lives Benefit from Inner Peace

How Our Lives Benefit from Inner Peace

Having peace of mind changes everything for us and drastically transforms our lives for the better. We experience an internal well-being that can feel totally new and different for us when we’ve been consumed with inner turmoil for so long. The health of our relationships improves, and we repair those that have been broken and heal the conflicts that contributed to their demise. We change the energy with which we manifest in our lives moving forward, bringing us happier circumstances and easier navigation through life’s challenges. We start to see things working out more easily for us. We feel happier and more secure within ourselves.

Stress is a normal part of life, and recovery doesn’t mean our stress disappears. With inner peace, though, we can more easily deal with the stresses in our lives. We are more centered, balanced and grounded. We are less triggered by the things that formerly knocked us off our center. We become less reactive and less emotionally swayed by challenging things, events and people. We find it easier to stay true to ourselves and to keep our focus on our emotional well-being.

Inner peace allows us to reclaim the dignity many of us lost when we were at our lowest point, when we were most self-destructive and self-harming. We learn what it means to love and accept ourselves. We forgive ourselves for our mistakes rather than condemning ourselves to live in shame and self-deprecation. We’re better able to release the past in order to focus on the future ahead. We find ourselves wanting to move forward with hope rather than staying stuck in our pain.

With inner peace comes self-empowerment. When we’re at peace within ourselves, we mentally and emotionally start to uplift ourselves more. We shed the disparaging self-talk that dominated our minds. We stop being our own worst enemy and shed our self-hatred. We find it so much happier and easier to be our own ally instead. We start to shower ourselves with self-love and self-acceptance. We stop denying ourselves the gift of our own compassion and understanding.

When we have peace of mind, we start to make better choices, in our relationships, habits and behaviors. We shed our self-destructiveness. Being good to ourselves comes much more naturally. We become better able to recognize our harmful patterns, and we develop the mindfulness to stop them in their tracks. Our energy is one of peace, and we manifest more peace in our lives rather than the tumult, confusion and conflict we grew accustomed to. Our lives and everything in them benefit tremendously when we work to develop our inner peace.

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Choosing Inner Peace

Choosing Inner Peace

Those of us with addictions and mental health issues often find ourselves consumed by inner turmoil. We are in conflict with the people around us, who often have similar issues they’re dealing with. We find ourselves caught in unhealthy relationships and self-destructive patterns. When we are in these cycles, healing can seem like an impossible ideal that we’ll never reach. Mental and emotional health can feel like abstract concepts rather than tangible goals we can actively work towards. Many of us know we are unwell but when it comes to working on our healing have no idea where to start.

Sometimes the journey starts with a choice. It is a simple choice but not always easy to make. Inner peace. We are so accustomed to being in conflict with ourselves and others that even the thought of inner peace sounds far-fetched. We think we’re in too much pain, we’ve made too many mistakes, we’ve hurt too many people. Inner peace eludes us. It’s not possible for us.

The truth is, though, we can choose inner peace for ourselves. It is not an automatic switch. It requires time, patience with ourselves, and self-love. It requires that we make the choice over and over again, on a daily basis. Any time something comes up that threatens to disturb our equilibrium, any time we feel at odds with another person. Any time we feel fear rising within us, in the form of toxic thought patterns, limiting beliefs and inner conflict. We can return to our choice to be at peace within ourselves.

We have a lot more power over our inner world than we think we do. We come to believe that we are susceptible to any outside force that might destabilize us. We blame other people and situations for how we feel. We use others’ actions as an excuse for our emotional distress.

As we grow and learn more about ourselves, we realize we can have more control over our thoughts, emotions, moods and behaviors. We are in control of ourselves. It doesn’t always feel that way when we are in the midst of an addictive or depressive cycle, but it is possible to practice evoking inner peace.

What does it feel like to be at peace- mentally, emotionally and physically? Can you visualize yourself at peace? Hold onto that feeling and return to it as often as possible. Write, read and repeat affirmations such as “I am at peace.” The more we practice choosing inner peace, the more we can maintain it within ourselves, even when triggered. Soon this new stillness and peace will be your natural default, you will experience more clarity and balance, and you will feel a sense of calm and groundedness. You certainly won’t miss all the drama!

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Grounding Techniques For Spring

Become the Yogi Within

In the typical clinical treatment center, there might not be a lot of associations with recovery and yoga. With a more holistic approach, patients are encouraged to enlighten themselves in a more spiritual sense. There are different kinds of yoga that benefit different groups of people. In treatment, meditative yoga practices mindfulness. This is essential for people to live in the present with a lowered amount of anxiety and fear. All humans struggle with fear on a daily basis. This cannot be combined with faith of any kind. Without faith in a higher power, there will be hardly any resistance to the first thought of drinking or using. The spiritual principles by which those with addiction learn in a 12-step program, help with practicing humility and gratitude.

Yoga is also a great tool for relaxation and stress. It may not be easy at first, but when the mind settles down, there can be progress. Being mindful is as easy as feeling the warm water on the hands while washing the dishes. This can be achieved easily, but not when the mind is consumed with the past and the future. Focusing on the breath is also a tool to stay in the present. While someone with addiction is in the beginning stages of acceptance, it is crucial to incorporate spirituality. Meditation can be useful for allowing a conversation with a higher power. It is suggested at this time to ask for guidance about the next right step. Having this connection helps in working alongside the intuition.

Having the patience that is practiced in mindful yoga, gives people with addiction the ability to learn how to sit with themselves, and to find who it is that they had been running from. People with addiction who suffer from shame and depression must accept that these past experiences do not define who they presently are. Actions from the past do not have to determine the future. Giving into mind games of constantly fighting with the intuition, will only cause people to back peddle. These realizations can and will be manifested on the yoga mat.

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Creative Practices for Curating Inner Peace

Being in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction often requires a lot of vocal expression. Alternative therapies like art or music therapy offer opportunities for unique expression. However, evidence based treatment methods like talk therapy are standards in treatment.

Creative Practices for Curating Inner Peace


One of the most important people you can learn to talk to in recovery is yourself. Journaling is a safe and sacred space for engaging in dialogue with just you and your spirit.

There is no need for a daily “dear diary” practice. Allow yourself a designated time and space for simply being with your writing. You can talk about your past, your present, and your future. When we peacefully allow ourselves our own protection in expressing ourselves we can be surprised by what comes up. Journals do not have to look or read a certain way. We are journaling, not writing a novel (though that can be another practice!). Indulge in the practice of self-compassion by embracing full transparency with yourself, your thoughts, and your words. Releasing what you have been storing inside to be stored on the pages of your journal is deeply healing. The act of writing is meditative within itself. At the end of each day, or anytime you choose to write, you will feel refreshed and more deeply connected to yourself.

Crystals and Stones

Rose quartz is for love. Amethyst, for knowledge. Garnet for social attraction. Blue lapiz, for creativity. Stones and crystals are full of energy. Each frequency of energy in each crystal and stone heals in different ways. Crystals and stone can be used by wearing them, holding them, placing them in your personal space, or even just keeping them in your pocket. Certain stones and crystals attract us, as if we were meant to find them. Researching the meanings and healing properties of the stone or crystal reveals a deep correlation with our lives.

Maximize the use of crystals and stones by using them for intention setting. Build a relationship with your special piece by creating a goal for its purpose. Are you feeling insecure in your life and stumble upon some Tiger’s eye? Known for offering protection, set the intention for developing feelings of safety. Over the course of just a few weeks, mindfully notice how those intentions manifest- because they will.


Visualizations are practices for meditation in which the brain is guided through imagining and envisioning. Visualization can also be a creative practice using tangible material items to materialized our fantasies, desires, dreams, wishes, and goals. Vision boards are a popular medium for this practice. Meditate in the energy of your creative flow, searching for what expression will be most supportive. Work within that space to create a visualization for your life.

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