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Listening to Our Inner Voice

When we are ready to stop our self-destructive cycles, we choose to prioritize our wellbeing and finally listen to the voice inside of us that has been trying to guide us in that direction all along. This means strengthening our intuition and strengthening our connection to our higher power and its power within us. Listening to our inner voice is so important for our healing.

One way to listen for it and recognize it is to feel a connection to our hearts and spirits. Our inner voice is our higher power speaking through us. We will feel instinctively when it’s speaking to us because it will feel like a higher truth, a reflection of our best self. It will carry with it love, compassion and understanding. It will feel separate and different from the fearful thoughts of the limiting beliefs stored in our subconscious minds. It will feel like a strong, resonant energy directing us in a positive, self-loving direction. Sometimes we can differentiate our intuition from our fears because the latter tend to deplete our energy while our inner voice often energizes us. It provides clarity, guidance and strength, while our fears make us feel confused, overwhelmed, sad and afraid. It is filled with the light of our higher power, and that light is within us no matter how much we might diminish it with our addictive thoughts and behaviors.

Our intuition is strengthened every time we practice listening for it. Meditation helps with this process immensely. It allows us to quiet all the conflicting, overwhelming, distracting noise of our ego minds so that we can more easily listen for the truth of our hearts and spirits. Our inner voice is associated with our third eye chakra, located between and slightly above our two eyes. Try imagining there is an actual eye located in this spot, and visualize it opening. You can also try visualizing healing light emanating from your third eye and extending to the rest of your being, as well as entering your third eye from your higher power. These visualization exercises can help us to open our third eye which is often closed due to all the emotional and psychological blockages we experience. The more we meditate and learn to quiet our minds, the stronger our inner voice becomes.

We also strengthen our intuition when we choose to follow the messages it is sending us. All too often we ignore this important guidance, but every time we choose to follow it instead, it grows stronger and clearer. With time, hearing our intuition with clarity and following it decisively becomes second nature.

There is so much holistic wisdom we can learn to help us along in our recovery. At Enlightened Solutions we have years of experience supporting people, and we want to help you. Call (833) 801-LIVE.

Ignoring Our Inner Voice

As people struggling with addictions and mental health issues, so much of what we do on a regular basis drowns out our connection to our intuition or inner voice. Oftentimes we are covering it up with our drugs of choice and addictive behaviors. Our addictive thought patterns and limiting beliefs can be so loud and disturbing that they essentially overpower our inner voice. Oftentimes it is really difficult to hear our inner voice, other times we choose to ignore it. Sometimes we’re in denial or prideful. Sometimes we’re naïve and haven’t yet learned how vital it is not to ignore our instincts. Sometimes we’re so embarrassed and ashamed of our addictions and mental health issues that we don’t want to hear what our inner voice has to say. Sometimes we’re simply afraid to face our truth.

It can be hard to recognize our inner voice amongst all the competing thoughts in our minds, most of which can be negative and self-destructive. We find ourselves totally preoccupied with criticizing ourselves and others, passing judgments and beating ourselves up. Our minds have a tendency to be dominated by thoughts of our worst fears. We develop limiting beliefs that reinforce these fears and convince us that they are true.

When we are caught in cycles of addiction, depression, anxiety and/or abuse, our intuition will sometimes feel like a persistent, nagging voice constantly reminding us of the harsh realities of what we’re going through, and imploring us to do what is best for ourselves. We might hear it telling us to get help, to leave that person who is abusing us, to prioritize our safety, to quit using. We tend to ignore it because it contradicts what we think we want in that moment- the drug or relationship or compulsion that we have become dependent upon.

Over time that voice gets louder and more forcefully persistent. The more we ignore it, the more depressed we become. We know we’re avoiding the truth, and we often feel a growing sense of fear and dread anticipating the moment when the truth finally catches up with us. We might feel frustrated with ourselves for being in this situation. We often feel a combination of all kinds of difficult emotions, including but not limited to sadness, shame, overwhelm and confusion, all of which can make us to want to ignore our inner voice even more because we’re not yet willing to face the painful truth.

If you’re living with addictions and mental health issues, it can be hard to know where to turn for support. Enlightened Solutions has years of experience helping people recover. Call (833) 801-LIVE.

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