The Relief Of Getting Sober

Intending Sobriety

The power of setting an intention is immeasurable. Sobriety must always remain the first priority for those with addiction and all else that truly matters will be there when the time is right. Many things are replaceable in life, but family and life itself is not. When a person is ready to get help, the first intention will be set into action. There must be a look into the devastating effects the disease had over life’s unmanageable circumstances. Over time the disease of addiction takes and takes and there might seem like there is no hope for a bright future. Entering treatment and genuinely wanting to change gives patients the opportunity to work on this intention through many forms of therapy.

Each day patients spend sober, the more empowering it is to live life without unhealthy behaviors. The sober mind is allowed to set goals and find passions that had been covered up by the dark energy. This shows to be a natural high and through a connection with a higher power, it is possible to attain. It is suggested to say affirmations, mantras, prayers and to sit in meditation to find the guidance of which step to take next. Letting go of the traumas of the past will pave the way for the bodies chakras to generate true love with the universe.

Treatment is a safe place for the cleansing process of substance addiction and beginning the healing process of recovery. The bodies holistic space had always been there and it’s possible to clear it’s vessel once again. Once a person with addiction and/or alcoholism begins down a path to recovery, sobriety is only the first intention out of many to come. Some people have visions for themselves such as families, jobs, and happiness. Anything is possible if there is the willingness to work the solution of sobriety. Letting the intuition open the doors to a new freedom will give back lost hope. By redirecting the minds negative talk to positive, people will find themselves feeling better inside and out.


Enlightened Solutions partial program offers guidance of the body, mind, and soul. If you are looking to move forward from the past and find peace, the time is now. Letting go of addictive substances and traumas will give you the strength you need to live a life of beauty and serenity. Call for more information today: 833-801-5483.

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Living Sober

Sobriety is a new world to those who find their way into it.  Living life without substances is unimaginable to many addicts. They arrive at this life that they are unprepared for and the concept of a blank canvas comes suddenly alive.  

In the early days of recovery, living sober is often about living in opposition to the way you once lived.  It is sometimes spoken in terms of avoiding people, places and things that you used to engage with and is often said that you must change everything to find a way of living sober.  This is true for many people as their old lifestyles become triggers for their substances use by virtue of habit.  So, success in breaking the habit of addiction, often means surrendering to letting many aspects of our lives also change.  

There is a crossroads in how this level of dramatic change can be oriented to: it can be viewed as a devastating loss or it can be viewed as a creative opportunity.  Sometimes, it may be a process to shift from one perspective to another.  The truth is that living sober and change many of the significant elements of your life truly does give you a creative opportunity to re-craft your life in the image that you desire.   

In some cases, people give up certain experiences and relationships temporarily while they build the foundation of their recovery.  It is later an important part of their recovery to rejoin these elements and explore how to relate to them differently.  In other cases, some people will commit to not doing any of the activities they did in their using life, ever.  The way that addiction overtakes the lives of different individuals is vastly different, so these different expressions of sober life are all valid.  

One key practice to a successful sober life is to learn from others who have restructured their life successfully.  Find others who have a life that you would like to emulate and ask them to guide you.  Similarly, when you have arrived at this place of a truly sober life, be willing to share your experience as to make the journey more accessible to those behind you on the path.  


Enlightened Recovery Solutions offers a harmonious approach to holistic treatment, bringing together the best of evidence-based, alternative, and 12-step therapies. Call us today for information on our transformation programs of treatment for addiction and alcoholism: 833-801-5483.

The Holidays Might Not Be Perfect And That’s Okay

Everything is picture perfect during the winter. Snow on the tree tops, decorations perfectly in place, the winter’s fashions making everyone look cozy. For perfectionists, especially those in recovery for drug addiction and alcoholism, trying to hold together the perfect holiday season is taxing. Many of us try to compensate for ruined holidays past by making each new one as perfect as possible. We have to realize that life continues to occur on life’s terms, even when it’s the holidays. Like any other day, we have to take each hour in stride and accept what we cannot change. Rather than fixate on what is going wrong or what might go wrong, try to focus on acceptance. Move past the judgments of good, bad, right, and wrong. Instead, take time to truly participate in holiday cheer and laugh merrily along the way. The true holiday miracle is that you’re alive and sober to see another winter season.


Asking For Help And Support Is Courageous

As recovering alcoholics, addicts, and perfectionists, we feel a nagging need to be in control of everything. Unfortunately, we can’t be in control of everything and we cannot do it alone. Out of our effort to put on a perfect face to demonstrate our recovery we forget that it is a sign of true growth and strength to ask for help. Connect with your friends, loved ones, and family members by participating in holiday preparations together.


Keep Your Expectations Low For Pleasant Surprises

Adhering to unrealistic ideals of perfection usually sets our expectations high. High expectations lead to very low disappointments. Tell yourself it’s okay to expect the unexpected and expect nothing at all. Keeping low expectations does not mean you expect the worse. It does mean you leave room to be pleasantly surprised.


Stay Focused On Gratitude And Thankfulness

The true purpose of the holidays is to give us a yearly chance to be in gratitude and thankfulness all the time. What matters is focusing on how our lives have changed and how rich they have become through sobriety. If you feel your perfectionism lighting up like a christmas tree, look at each twinkling light and find something to be grateful for.


Enlightened Solutions offers a sanctuary to those in need of help and support during the holidays. We know this time of year can be difficult and challenging for getting or staying sober. Our multiple levels of care help us to individualize a program to meet your needs. For more information call 833-801-5483.