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Manifesting the Future

Starting life as a recovering addict requires a shift in the mind. Up until the point of recovery, there may have been a dark, pessimistic mindset. When the mind is plagued with the negativity of the past, there will always be a struggle to stay in the present. If the mind relays the message that life’s experiences define the future, and this is believed, behaviors will likely stay the same. If there has been a problem with chronic relapsing in the past, it could be due to the way the brain had been wired to handle anxiety and depression. It’s critical to sincerely find true happiness and the confidence to succeed. It is no wonder those with tedious jobs, feel unhappy. This fact combined with addiction is a recipe for a never-ending cycle of misery.

Through the different kinds of therapy in treatment, clients will learn new coping mechanisms to defeat the omnipresent fear experienced in stressful situations. Art therapy is formulated to get patients out of the mind and into a safe space. There must be open-mindedness for life-changing results. Manifesting the future is what a person desires in life, and this can shift the into mind to the light. Positivity can change the course of life.

Painting, drawing, and sculpture are forms of art that let the patients delve into their subconscious feelings. Art therapists guide patients to portray their true selves. Those who are perfectionists are encouraged to let go and express the outpour of emotions freely through the this art expression. This will be a time when emotions will rise to the surface and this kind of outlet, can potentially lead to progression and breakthroughs. People with addiction are known to be talented and sometimes all it takes is a nudge in the right direction to open up the mind to a hopeful future. This hopeful mindset is the guide to success. This is the transformation.


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