Female Self-Image and Cocaine

Female Self-Image and Cocaine

There are many reasons women become perfectionist in today’s society. The fashion industry has placed impracticable expectations on women and this has been a huge issue for the female body image crisis. In magazines models are photoshopped and praised as they walk down the runway clearly lacking body fat. Movie and tv show producers give roles to actresses who must attain eating disorders in order to comply with the weight limitations. The average women cannot realistically keep up with these weight standards. Although there has been much improvement over the years, there is still sexism that exists all over the world today. Woman with addictive qualities and who suffer from eating disorders will find cocaine to be a quick fix in suppressing the appetite. Rapid weight loss is typical and especially desired with an already skewed body image. In these cases, which are extremely common, self-love should be heavily promoted in treatment.

Often times, there is a stigma that comes with cocaine. The general conception is that only wild, party girls use drugs like cocaine. This isn’t a complete fabrication, but it’s not entirely true either. Women all around the world wear many different hats in life. Working mothers can find themselves over stressing about work, bills, and other factors. These have all lead to scores of helpless, burnt out women. A portion of these women will find that cocaine gives an extra energy boost that coffee just can’t compare. However, once the woman becomes addicted, it becomes harder to practice productivity when the overwhelming unattractive side effects kick in. Impulsivity, anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, and restlessness are all side effects that will at some point outweigh the positives. Unfortunately, at this point, women will be unable to see any way out. Once accepting help, treatment can help with learning how to balance life’s stressors in a healthy manner.

Cocaine has the ability to come off as fun, stimulating, and sometimes even glamorous. Movies glorify the substance and that tends to make it even more acceptable to the public. A long time ago, it became acceptable for men to treat women as objects. This is a generalization, but true to some extent still. Somewhere along the line, young girls are given this preconceived notion that being authentic, will never be good enough. Body dysmorphia and eating disorders are rampant and as a result, women are drawn to stimulants like cocaine. Only when women addicts begin to practice self-love and heal, there will be no need to seek out the alternative. Neglecting pain by abusing substances will no longer be the norm. However, it's important to remember that just because it’s apart of the addict’s history, it doesn’t make them any less than, but stronger for overcoming it.  

Enlightened Solutions will work with women coming from all walks of life. Our strong belief in the importance of self-love will help with a transformation into happiness and health. Our program’s dual-diagnosis treatment will help guide women into bright, fulfilling futures that lay ahead. For more information call: 833-801-5483

Are You Holding Your Expectations Too High?

After cleaning house with others in your life is done, you have yourself to reconcile with. Having a hard time forgiving yourself? You might be holding expectations of yourself too high.

You Feel Constantly Inadequate

You realize that everyone else seems satisfied with you, except for you. When someone pays you a compliment, you find it hard to take. If only they knew, you think to yourself, how untrue that statement was. For various reasons in life we come to stop believing in ourselves and our self-worth. We might have received harsh criticisms, experienced bullying, or found ourselves neglected from a parent’s love. Whatever the emotional trauma, the message from that experience told us to believe we weren’t good enough. Letting go of inadequacy is only possible by finding and holding on to feelings of adequacy, worthiness, deservedness, and self-worth. Recognize that you are in control of how you feel compared to others, including yourself.


You Think There’s Something Wrong With Your Life

Through recovery, we find our authentic selves and take actionable strides towards living authentically. Having decided who we are, who we want to be, and how we want to live, we’ve embraced that fully. Yet, at the slightest notice, we become remarkably insecure. We know that our expectations of ourselves are too high when we can’t be in acceptance of where life is at the moment. You might find that you rationalize or justify the state of your life because you don’t think it’s good enough. Remember, the grass isn’t always greener, so stop and smell the roses where you are.


You Are Convinced You Are A Disappointment

Expectations are, as we say in recovery, a highway to disappointments. Disappointments most dangerously lead to resentments. Having a resentment towards yourself for not meeting your own unreasonable expectations is a tormenting place to be. Self-loathing leads to self-centeredness which is, for persons in recovery, a red level warning area. Additionally, you might start to think you’re disappointing everyone else. Though it sounds self-conscious, it is more self-obsessed. To be convinced of everyone’s disappointment means to think everyone is constantly thinking about you. It is unlikely. Let yourself be where you are in all of your accomplishments, one day at a time.


Enlightened Solutions is committed to providing excellence in care to men and women who are seeking liberation from their abusive relationships with drugs and alcohol. Our beautiful facility offers peace and tranquility to support our integrative program. We incorporate 12 step philosophy with holistic methods of treatment. If you are concerned about your problems with drinking, drug use, and co-occurring disorders, call Enlightened Solutions today. Recovery starts with you. Start by calling us. 833-801-5483.

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Fashion Industry’s Power over Beauty

The word model means “a system or thing used as an example to follow or imitate.” It is no wonder then that fashion brands have, for centuries, call the men and women showing off their clothing “models”. Fashion sells more than clothing. How a fashion brand develops their loyalty is through the development of a lifestyle. Wearing a certain type of clothing is supposed to make you feel as though you are living a certain type of life. By using “models” fashion brands use living people as examples of how life should look.

Over time, models have become thinner and thinner. Numerous documentaries and investigative reports have revealed the pressures models face to be thin. Models must meet high expectations and standards of beauty that are ever changing. Recently, major fashion centered countries like France have banned excessive thinness on the runway. Fashion models have to meet a healthy BMI in order to work.

For decades, fashion models and eating disorders have been closely affiliated. Beyond the models in fashion are the people trying to “model” themselves after fashion models. Consumers see images of these lifestyle brands and believe in the ideals of perfectionism or beauty. Convinced that they are fat, ugly, or not beautiful enough without looking like the models do, people resort to extreme measures. Though many models are already incredibly thin, fashion participates in another harmful trend which is digital alteration. Photos of models on the covers of magazines or in advertisements have been digitally altered. The beauty ideal upheld by fashion is unrealistic.

London Fashion Week is coming up in the fashion circuit. England is one of the few countries left not to regulate the BMI of fashion models. A new campaign initiative is being launched to get this sort of legislation happening in the UK. Models with a BMI below 18.5 need to be seen by medical professionals. Additionally, each collection showcased by a designer must include sizes from one end of the scale to the other. One of every sample must be a UK size 12 or above, which is usually designated as “plus size”.

The history and reasoning behind small sizes displayed on the runway have to do with saving money. Designers believe they save money for investors by using less material for their designs on the runway. Skinny models require less material. For this small reason in a multi billion dollar industry, millions of men and women around the world suffer from eating disorders.

Eating Disorders are commonly co-occurring with substance abuse issues including alcoholism and addiction to drugs like cocaine or other amphetamines. Enlightened Solutions is a certified and licensed dual-diagnosis treatment center, welcoming men and women seeking recovery for co-occurring disorders. For more information on our programs of treatment call 833-801-5483.