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10 Way To Make The Most Out Of Sober Living

Sober living is a home where residents have to meet certain requirements in order to stay the most important of which is staying sober. During treatment at one of Enlightened Solutions partial care programs, you’ll be living in a local sober living home. Here are our top 10 ways for making the most out of your sober living experience.

  1. Choose The Right Home:Choosing the right sober living home is essential to making sure you feel comfortable, safe, supported, and protected. Look for homes which encourage regular meeting attendance, do screen testing once or twice a week, and have group activities. Go with your instinct and choose what feels right for you.
  2. Follow The Rules:Sober living is usually the place of residence during partial care treatment, such as intensive outpatient, or after residential treatment. After long hours of treatment programming it can be easy to go home to sober living and not want to do anything. It can feel like a safe space to break the rules, act out, and rebel- what you might call relaxing for someone in early recovery. Support the change in your habits by abiding by the rules.
  3. Do Your Chores:Most sober livings assign a weekly chore to each member of the house. You are part of a team working together to stay sober and keep a comfortable home. Not doing your chores will cause you to feel guilt and shame, even if you don’t want to admit it. Your lack of participation won’t be fair to you or your housemates. Do your part and keep your space clean out of respect to yourself and to others.
  4. Be Nice To Others:Your sober living housemates don’t have to become your new best friends, but they are likely to become friends you keep for a lifetime. Early recovery can be difficult and emotions often run high. Your learning how to have relationships and friendships again without the presence of drugs and alcohol. You’ll have more fun by learning how to be vulnerable and close to the people you live with.
  5. Encourage Group Activities:There’s a lot of sleeping that goes on in sober living. Recovering bodies need sleep to heal. Ongoing symptoms of withdrawal can be exhausting. In between naps and long night’s sleep, encourage your group to come together and participate in an activity. You’ll have fun, make memories, and remember why you got sober: to live again.
  6. Make Outside Friends:Going to meetings gives you an opportunity to meet people from other sober living homes or who are new to the recovery community like you. Ask people for their phone numbers and invite them over to hang out. You’ll diversify your group of friends and never be short of someone to call and talk to.
  7. Go To Meetings:The only way to meet people at meetings is to go to them. Your sober living will probably have one or two meetings that everyone goes to together. Lookup new meetings in different towns and venture out to find recovery. It is always inspiring to discover that recovery is everywhere and you are never alone.
  8. Have Adventures:Another way to combat sober living laziness is to get out and explore. If you don’t have a car, take walks around your neighborhood. If someone has a car, choose a new spot nearby to go and explore.
  9. Support One Another:Early recovery is hard. Making it through requires the love and support of peers. Always lend a listening ear, a prayer, or going with someone to a meeting. You’re all there to help each other.
  10. Report Relapse:There’s no need to be a tattle-tale, but you are learning to take steps to secure your sobriety. If someone has brought drugs and alcohol into the house, it is your right to report it. If you fear you or your housemates might be at risk for relapse because of someone else’s actions, talk to your house manager immediately.

Enlightened Solutions works with trusted sober living homes and residences to support our clients during their treatment programs. We provide references and can happily connect you with our community. For information on our treatment programs for men and women seeking recovery, call 833-801-5483.

The Everyday of Treatment

In addition to individual therapy, group therapy, and experiential therapy sessions such as art therapy or yoga therapy, are daily tasks that are meant to enhance recovery. Life skills are necessary to develop in order to ensure long term and successful sobriety. Developing routine and habit are helpful in the treatment process for recovery from addiction.

The Everyday of Treatment

Addiction causes the wiring in the brain to go a little haywire. Most everyday tasks go unnoticed and neglected. Addiction causes the brain to hyperfocus on pleasure and pleasurable experiences As a result, it becomes highly uninterested in performing mundane tasks that everyday life demands. Consequently, it builds unhealthy and unproductive habits. Reprogramming those habits not only corrects the specific situation of the habit itself, but helps the brain heal. Creating new habits through repeated action causes neurons in the brain to fire at the same time, causing a recognition. Overtime, practicing new habits becomes rewarding-in a healthy way.  

Making Your Bed

Each morning at Enlightened Solutions, you are expected to make your bed. There has been great debate as to how important it is or isn’t to make your bed in the morning. While some science has indicated that bed making does not equate to success at all other research has shown it’s critically important. Making the bed indicates discipline and ritual.

Cleaning Your House

Feng Shui is the zen practice of creating flow in the home. A clean home is a clean mind. We pay honor and respect to the higher power working in our life by participating in facility cleaning days.

Cooking Food

Some treatment centers have meals catered or privately prepared. While it is helpful to take the stress cooking out of the equation in early days, it is important to teach cooking as well. Once a patient leaves treatment, they are on their own including making sure that there is something to eat.

12 Step Meetings

Going to meetings is  a perfect way to meet other people like yourself who are struggling and getting through recovery. Here the message of how important it is stay sober.

Have FUN!

Treatment at Enlightened Solutions provides holistic healing for mind, body, and spirit. Our programs of care for men and women seeking recovery for alcoholism and addiction are spiritually based. There is a solution for the problem of drugs and alcohol. Find it with us. 833-801-5483.

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