The Benefits of a Spiritual Practice

The Benefits of a Spiritual Practice

There are numerous benefits of having a regular spiritual practice. Starting anything new can be challenging, as can being consistent, but the more we practice, the more we will see the powerful effects. The transformation lies in the practice, rather than perfection, and as we do the work, we see huge changes in our mental and emotional health. Here are some of the many benefits of creating and following a spiritual practice for yourself.

Connecting with spirit has a calming effect that is hard to put into words. It is comforting, nurturing and soothing. It reminds us we aren’t alone, as we are one with our higher power and all the other life it created. When we genuinely feel this connection, it can help us to transcend the temporary, human, fleeting circumstances we often find ourselves troubled by.

When we allow ourselves to be guided by our spirits, we are connected to the universal flow of our higher power. This connection can help us to uncover powerful healing solutions for ourselves that we might not have been open to by simply using our thinking minds. Having a spiritual practice enables us to connect with our spirits more easily and more regularly. Some of us tend to pray or meditate only when we’re in distress, but if we can implement these things on a regular basis, we might find ourselves reaching that point of distress much less frequently, if at all.

Our spirits can help us to remember who we are. Our ego minds tend to dwell on our fears and our woundedness. They often bombard us with meaningless illusions that distract us from our life mission and purpose. Our spirit, on the other hand, is our higher power manifested within us. When we are able to tap into that power, there is no limit to what we can achieve. Our healing becomes tangible and lies within our reach. We can reclaim ourselves as the people we were destined to be, rather than what our fears have created. The limiting beliefs we have imposed upon ourselves start to fade, and we have renewed faith in ourselves and our abilities.

As we practice, we grow in resilience. The emotional challenges and triggers we once suffered over become the platforms from which we launch ourselves. We are better able to manage our complex moods and emotions. We have increasing control over our thoughts and can direct them in more positive ways. With a spiritual practice, we come to learn that we have the power to choose inner peace, and as we continue to practice, the more we can return to that state easily and naturally.

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Suggestions for Beginning a Spiritual Practice

Suggestions for Beginning a Spiritual Practice

The idea of beginning a spiritual practice can be intimidating for many people, especially those who don’t consider themselves to be spiritual people. A spiritual practice can provide tremendous benefits and can help you heal through your most difficult life challenges.

As we know, our addictions and mental health issues can be so powerful they take over our lives. They can make functioning on a daily basis feel unbearable, and they can make our lives feel unmanageable. We can feel so overwhelmed that starting something new feels too daunting to even try. When we are deeply unhappy and unwell, anything pertaining to self-care can feel insurmountable.

A spiritual practice can help us to navigate our complex emotions. It can help us to prevent falling into a deep depression, and if we’re already in one, it can help us to pull ourselves out. When we are in the depths of our pain, we may only be able to do a very small bit at a time. Even one minute can make a huge difference and can have a lasting, transformative impact.

A spiritual practice can include anything that makes you feel connected to God, the Universe, your angels, your higher power, collective consciousness- however you choose to refer to the power that is bigger than us as individuals but that we carry within us as creations of this higher power. If you’ve never considered yourself a spiritual person, give some thought to how you might connect with that higher power.

Look to your past experiences for guidance. Maybe you went to church with your family as a child. Maybe you have felt comforted when you said a prayer. Perhaps you’ve heard the expression “count your blessings.” Maybe you’ve taken a deep breath when you felt overwhelmed. Maybe you feel calmed and soothed when you’re in nature. Maybe you’ve found writing out your problems to be cathartic.

Ask other people what they do to feel connected to their spirits. Look for suggestions online. Anything can be a part of your spiritual practice so long as it is personally effective for you and helps you connect to your spirit. Prayer, meditation, breathing exercises, spending time in nature, a gratitude practice and journaling are all wonderful healing tools. You can create an altar and collect sacred pieces for it. You can learn about the healing power of crystals and start a crystal collection. You can learn about the moon cycles and follow rituals to harness their power and/or create new rituals for yourself. You can read spiritual texts, walk meditatively, light candles, create art, or form personal spiritual ceremonies. Anything you do to connect with your spirit will help you to grow, heal, learn and transcend difficulties.

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The Importance of Spiritual Practice

The Importance of Spiritual Practice

When we address addictions and mental health issues, we often tend to focus solely on our minds, namely the chemical imbalances of our minds. We sometimes forget that these issues often have spiritual causes and manifestations. Because we are much more than just our minds, we have to address healing in a holistic way.

Our spirit is our connection to our higher power and to the divine power within us. It is connected to every part of ourselves and extends to every facet of our beings. Trauma, therefore, affects not only our minds but also our spirits. We store our fears and emotional memories in both our subconscious minds and our spirits because it is our spirit that connects our divine power to every element of ourselves- mental, emotional and physical. In short, everything we experience has a spiritual cause, effect and manifestation, because our spirit lives in every part of us.

When we become too focused on the thoughts produced by our minds, we sometimes neglect the health of our spirits. Our ego, or sense of self, is often wounded from the trauma we experience, and therefore our thoughts are often negative, limiting and self-destructive. Our thought patterns and behaviors are often so pervasive and damaging that they become our addictions, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. In order to heal these deeply rooted patterns, we can look to spiritual solutions that go deeper than the ego mind.

Sometimes our minds are limited to the information they have already been exposed to. We tend to think in shortsighted ways because our minds have a hard time being open to unknown possibilities. Sometimes we can’t see past our current circumstances and find it difficult to be open-minded, especially when we are struggling with such difficult challenges as depression and addictive behaviors. Sometimes it’s our minds causing our problems; they process and store emotional information for us and are very powerful, so any imbalances and unwellness in our minds can easily turn into full-fledged mental health issues.

Our spirits, however, are connected to the infinite wisdom and guidance of our higher power. We can also call this power collective consciousness, which includes all living creatures. Imagine all the information we can access when we tap into this higher power. The possibilities for our healing are limitless.

When we are open to the idea of creating and following a spiritual practice, we open ourselves to a world of healing that goes deeper than the mind can go.

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