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Ways to Stay Grounded

In today’s fast-paced world, we aren’t allowed to take our sweet time. There are coffee shops on every corner and the conception that the more productivity the more successful. This may be true to a certain extent. However, it’s always important to stop and smell the roses. The goal is to work towards staying grounded. This is a good practice when a person is overwhelmed with life’s stressors.

Upon waking, take some at least five minutes for meditation. Sitting with God, asking for guidance will show to be a game changer. It’s recommended to take time for yoga or some kind of exercise that helps clear the mind. Going for a run outside or a hike is especially valuable for being amongst mother nature.

Another way to stay grounded is to eat well. That absolutely does not mean counting calories or any crazy fad diets. People forget that food helps in the healing process. The nutrients found in whole organic, non-processed foods help aid in keeping the body going throughout the day. Being mindful with food is a way of listening to the body, how it feels, and what it needs most. What it doesn’t need is processed, high sugar diets slowing it down. This might be hard at first, but eating for the nutrients will change anyone’s relationship with food for the better.

A major issue swallowing up this and new generations to come is the connectivity to electronic devices. This is unfortunate, given that one should strive to connect with themselves, and the earth. The earth does so much and works so hard to be able to sustain life. When there is respect for the planet, a person will feel more at peace with their actions. Appreciating the earth and mother nature is a key component in becoming less self-absorbed.

The intuition is always there, willing to help guide whenever it is listened to. Intuitive thoughts cannot be heard if the mind is running the show. Being aware of the bodies chakras and find the root of any problem will help clear the vessel connecting God, the body, and the earth. Taking care of our bodies shows it the respect it deserves. This is a form of self-love which is linked to living a healthy, well-rounded life on earth. Human beings must attempt to become grounded if there will be any hope to cope with life’s daily struggles with grace and dignity.


Enlightened Solutions encourages patients to grow from their trauma and come out stronger on the other end with peace and serenity. Staying free of drugs and alcohol can give addicts a new look at life’s surrounding beauty. Call us in New Jersey today: 833-801-5483.

Three Methods to Stay Grounded

Alcoholics in early recovery are given many suggestions to get through the difficult times ahead. Each day is a struggle but there are ways to make what might seem like a complicated process, a simple one. Staying grounded is a tool to become one with a higher power. It’s through clearing the chakras that the stem connecting people to mother earth, can be fully applied. Sitting in daily meditation, letting the feeling of peace and serenity become natural, will soon allow for the breath to flow at a calming pace. There are different ways to meditate and it’s okay to start off with hesitation. It’s important to remember not to let some other belief about meditation, allow for judgement. It’s a learning process, and whenever the mind goes off into another direction, just simply bring it back to the breath. Sometimes counting in and out, or saying a mantra will regulate the breath and stay on focus. It takes practice, and there’s no need for perfection.

Some may feel like crying is a form of weakness. This cannot be further from the truth. It’s imperative that feelings that have been stuffed down, be let out. Many alcoholics will suppress  pain by shoving down and numbing themselves with alcohol and drugs. There might be years and years of pain stored up, and this includes post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As a coping mechanism, alcoholics will ignore this fact with the abuse of substances. If the alcoholic doesn’t know any other ways to cope, it’s what they will turn to anytime something painful comes up. Letting the emotion flow out is a way of releasing this pain. Common therapy methods to deal with PTSD are Prolonged Exposure (PE), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). These can help the alcoholic reach down and discover the trauma, its cause, and work towards moving forward. Otherwise, the alcoholic will not be able to grow. In early recovery, the alcohol might be out of the picture, but the healing process has just began.  

The last suggestion is to get on a routine. A schedule will help the alcoholic to stay on a steady path to recovery. The alcoholic might become overly confident with excess energy or exhibit displays of exhaustion.  Having 12-step meetings to attend, work, and other activities, will make it hard for the alcoholic to isolate or over do it. For example, if the alcoholic is also a workaholic, there should be time in the daily schedule for a walk out in nature, yoga, or a five minute meditation. Early recovery is about building a sturdy foundation that lays the groundwork for successfully living sober. Each alcohol has a different journey and no two programs will be exactly the same. It’s about embracing a new healthy lifestyle, that doesn’t include abusing substances or picking up other bad habits. It’s easy to give up one vice for another, and that is why the alcoholic must follow the suggestions of those who have knowledge in this topic of healing. If an alcoholic listens to these recommendations, it’s possible to change their lives indefinitely.


Enlightened Solutions will help you gain the tools to become more grounded in a fast pace world. Our holistic approach will enlighten lives and encourage patients to find their inner peace. Our partial program let’s you take a look into what’s at the root of the problem and move forward in life. For more information call: 833-801-LIVE

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