Writing to Cope with Anxiety

Writing to Cope with Anxiety

An important part of our recovery process is learning how to handle our anxiety. Many of us with addictions and mental health issues experience anxiety on a regular basis. Our addictive behaviors are often an attempt to relieve our anxiety, and when we have go-to coping mechanisms, it is often anxiety we’re trying to cope with.

Writing is a very effective, therapeutic tool to help calm our anxiety. There is no right or wrong way to go about it. Use a journal, notebook, phone or computer to write everything that comes to mind- everything you’re worried about, all the pent-up fears you’re holding onto, all the anxious recurring thoughts you’re having a hard time letting go of.

As we write, we allow the energy to flow freely, energy that we have been storing in our minds, hearts and bodies for years. When this negative energy is stuck within us, it creates all kinds of blockages. Anxiety is one of the many symptoms of our energy blockages.

If you pay attention to how anxiety feels in your body, you might notice that the energy feels like restless tension, nervousness or panic fluttering through your body. Our normal coping mechanisms such as our drugs of choice and addictive behaviors don’t make these feelings actually go away, they just provide us with a temporary distraction from our anxiety. All the while it’s still within us, growing stronger the more we don’t face it head on. When we allow this energy to flow in healthy ways on the other hand, we loosen its grip on us, and we give ourselves a chance to let the painful symptoms recede naturally.

Writing is an actual coping mechanism in that it can actually help us to cope. We aren’t burying our anxiety, distracting ourselves from it, numbing it, or self-medicating to avoid it. We are consciously dealing with it, which allows us the opportunity to heal it.

Writing is a meditative process. It allows us to connect with our inner voice and higher power. As we write, we often feel a sense of calm come over us. When we are filled with anxiety, our minds can be filled with noise and clutter, limiting beliefs and painful thought patterns. Writing can help quiet all of that. It is in that quiet space that healing energy can come to us. When we allow ourselves to be open to that healing, it flows through us, and writing is a powerful tool to help in that process.

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Creative Practices for Curating Inner Peace

Being in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction often requires a lot of vocal expression. Alternative therapies like art or music therapy offer opportunities for unique expression. However, evidence based treatment methods like talk therapy are standards in treatment.

Creative Practices for Curating Inner Peace


One of the most important people you can learn to talk to in recovery is yourself. Journaling is a safe and sacred space for engaging in dialogue with just you and your spirit.

There is no need for a daily “dear diary” practice. Allow yourself a designated time and space for simply being with your writing. You can talk about your past, your present, and your future. When we peacefully allow ourselves our own protection in expressing ourselves we can be surprised by what comes up. Journals do not have to look or read a certain way. We are journaling, not writing a novel (though that can be another practice!). Indulge in the practice of self-compassion by embracing full transparency with yourself, your thoughts, and your words. Releasing what you have been storing inside to be stored on the pages of your journal is deeply healing. The act of writing is meditative within itself. At the end of each day, or anytime you choose to write, you will feel refreshed and more deeply connected to yourself.

Crystals and Stones

Rose quartz is for love. Amethyst, for knowledge. Garnet for social attraction. Blue lapiz, for creativity. Stones and crystals are full of energy. Each frequency of energy in each crystal and stone heals in different ways. Crystals and stone can be used by wearing them, holding them, placing them in your personal space, or even just keeping them in your pocket. Certain stones and crystals attract us, as if we were meant to find them. Researching the meanings and healing properties of the stone or crystal reveals a deep correlation with our lives.

Maximize the use of crystals and stones by using them for intention setting. Build a relationship with your special piece by creating a goal for its purpose. Are you feeling insecure in your life and stumble upon some Tiger’s eye? Known for offering protection, set the intention for developing feelings of safety. Over the course of just a few weeks, mindfully notice how those intentions manifest- because they will.


Visualizations are practices for meditation in which the brain is guided through imagining and envisioning. Visualization can also be a creative practice using tangible material items to materialized our fantasies, desires, dreams, wishes, and goals. Vision boards are a popular medium for this practice. Meditate in the energy of your creative flow, searching for what expression will be most supportive. Work within that space to create a visualization for your life.

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