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The Energy of Addiction

Our energy plays a huge role in our mental and emotional wellbeing, and when we are struggling with addictions, our energy can really stand in the way of our recovery. We hold ourselves back from healing with the energies we allow ourselves to carry. Our energy is made up of the recurring thoughts, feelings and beliefs we choose on a daily basis, and the ones that dominate determine what kind of energy we emit. This is the energy with which we manifest everything in our lives, including our addictions and other emotional problems and behavioral patterns.

When we are struggling with addiction, we commit a disproportionate amount of time, focus and energy to our drugs of choice: how we’re going to obtain them, how we’re going to get the money to obtain them, what we need to do logistically in order to get them, how long it’s been since we last got high, how much we want to get high, how much better it feels to be high than not high.

Our addictions cause us to live in fear: fear we’ll run out of our drug, fear we won’t get more, fear we’ll never recover, fear we’ll keep hurting ourselves and our loved ones, fear we’ll never redeem ourselves.

We are consumed with regret. We focus on how guilty we feel for all the wrong we’ve done. We carry shame and decide that we’re unworthy and that we don’t deserve love. We beat ourselves up, for relapsing quickly, or for relapsing after a long stretch of being clean. We dwell on how much we’ve embarrassed ourselves and the people we care about. We can’t forgive ourselves for our mistakes, and we hold on tightly to the painful memories. We have little to no compassion for ourselves, and we judge ourselves at every turn. We tell ourselves we’re addicts and forget all the other parts of who we are.

All of this only compounds our pain and makes us want to escape into our drugs more. The more we carry an energy of fear and self-deprecation, the more likely it is we will block our chances for a successful recovery. The more we hate ourselves, the more we will sabotage our progress.

What would it feel like to change our energy to one of hope, faith and optimism? To choose self-forgiveness and unconditional self-love? What if we focused more energy on the hopeful possibilities of the future than on the difficult struggles of our present circumstances? Could we open ourselves up to healing and recovery by believing they are possible for us and by changing our energy?

Recovery means healing all parts of ourselves. Holistic healing is a major focus at Enlightened Solutions. Call (833) 801-LIVE for more information.

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