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The Four Flower Based Essential Oils You Need For Treating Anxiety

Essential oils are not a cure for anxiety. When you notice anxious feelings developing or find yourself in the middle of an anxiety attack, essential oils and aromatherapy can be helpful. By absorbing through the skin, the natural properties of essential oils work into the bloodstream and circulate quickly through the body. As inhaled through the nose, smell, the strongest memory recall senses, immediately alerts the brain to relax. Calming down is one important tool for getting through anxiety. Observing anxious thoughts, understanding triggers for anxiety, and creating a plan for moving forward are equally as important. Until the urgency of anxiety subsides, it is challenging to investigate more deeply into the mind. Here are four flower based essential oils which can help you return to your focus on the breath and create a state of calm during anxiety.

Jasmine Oil

Have you ever walked down a summer street and smelled a sticky sweet perfume that permeates the air? Likely, it was a kind of jasmine. Jasmine is an ancient and potent flower regarded for its perfume and its healing properties. Research has found that jasmine influences the nervous system by causing relaxation and alertness. Though anxiety can feel like being too alert in a hypervigilant manner, jasmine oil can help stimulate mindfulness by becoming alert regarding one’s own anxiety.

Lavender Oil

Lavender is often regarded as nature’s miracle flower. An antiviral, antibacterial, and deep relaxant, it is little wonder as to why almost every product sold for relaxation has lavender in it. As aromatherapy, and essential oil rubbed into the skin, or a scent in any soap or tangible product, lavender is instantly relaxing. Try using lavender in a warm cup of milk, on top of toast, or in any other dish.

Roman Chamomile

Chamomile, like lavender, is synonymous with sensual relaxation. Most popular in a tea from, chamomile is known for being relaxing and soothing. Roman chamomile has been proven to be more potent than regular chamomile as both a tea and an essential oil.

Rose Oil

The smell of roses is sweet and awe-inducing. Nature’s most perfumed product captures millions with their perfect beauty and different scents. As an essential oil, rose oil acts as an anti-depressant and a calming agent, helping to soothe the mind and the body.

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