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The Importance of Chakra Healing

When working to heal from our addictions and mental health issues, sometimes we focus disproportionately on our minds, on our troublesome thoughts, on the fears and pain we mentally have a hard time letting go of. We forget that all of these things – our thoughts, our emotions, our fears and painful memories – impact our energy not just our minds. Our energy governs and affects everything in our lives. Working to heal our minds without also working to heal our energy is like trying to solve half the puzzle. The remainder of the puzzle has yet to be clarified and processed. Working with our energy centers, or chakras, is a powerful way to heal ourselves in a holistic way.

Healing our energy is of critical importance to our recovery. When our energy is healthy, we can work with our thoughts and emotions in productive ways without being derailed by the sheer power of them. We can heal from our traumatic experiences without being completely overwhelmed by them. We can process our painful memories, and although we may never forget them, we can release the hold they have over us. Our energy doesn’t have to be dictated by our pain. We can heal our energy and as a result be able to incorporate our pain into the fullness of our being, into the light and love of our inner power. This process enables us to accept our pain in order to heal it. We can allow it to be a part of what strengthens and empowers us rather than what ultimately takes us down.

When we have unhealthy energy imbalances, we suffer from debilitating anxiety, depression, panic attacks and other mental health issues. We can struggle with other related challenges such as insomnia, eating disorders, body image issues, deep insecurities, complexes, phobias and neuroses. We can live our lives in pain and fear, not knowing there is another way to live. Many of us turn to whatever we find helps ease the pain, whatever makes us feel better, distracts us and helps us to escape. For some of us this escape becomes an obsession with food and we self-destruct by overeating, bingeing and purging, or we starve ourselves, all in an attempt to forget our original pain with food as the medium. For others, the escape comes in the form of addictive substances such as drugs and alcohol. For many people, it is a compulsive behavior such as sex, gaming, gambling, or other risky behavior.

Healing from our complex emotional issues means taking inventory of how our energy has been impacted over the course of our lives. Our minds are not the only things affected by our mental health issues and addictions. They are ailments that are related to the health of our energy, emotions and spirits, just as much as they are related to the health our minds.

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