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The Importance of Holistic Healing

Sometimes when we’re dealing with mental health issues and addictions, we tend to focus on treating symptoms rather than addressing the underlying root causes. Sometimes our treatment options are temporary quick fixes rather than long-term healing solutions. What we perceive as mental health problems often also have spiritual, physical and emotional causes. Transforming our lives in real ways requires working with our whole selves to get to the root of those causes and find ways to heal that work for us on a deep level.

We carry within us all of our fears, insecurities and pain, our traumatic experiences and limiting beliefs. All of our coping mechanisms, avoidance strategies, distractions, addictive behaviors and negative self-talk take us away from facing our fears and our pain, all of which only exacerbate them. When we try to slap band-aids over the gaping wounds, we don’t actually heal the wounds. We might delay having to face them, but eventually they catch up with us, sometimes in drastic and catastrophic ways. For example, the hurtful relationship patterns you’ve continued over the years catch up with you, and you’re left devastated and hopeless. The painful thought patterns you’ve tortured yourself with for years are worsening, causing worse depressions, anxiety, insomnia and addictive behaviors. To get to the root of it all, holistic healing brings together the mind, body, heart, soul and spirit to achieve real healing that is powerful and transformative.

When we do the difficult work, we’re going to dig up some very painful stuff: our deepest fears, our most painful shame, our biggest regrets, buried memories, unresolved issues, unhealed trauma.

To heal on a deep level, we have to move past our minds and work with our whole selves: our chakras, or energy centers; our bodies and the trauma we store within; our hearts which hold the capacity for love, self-love and forgiveness; our souls- our unique gifts, talents, stories and dreams, who we truly are deep down under all the different ways we identify ourselves as people- and our spirits, our connections to a higher power and that power within us. Meditation, breathing exercises, affirmations, writing, practicing gratitude and self-care, and spending time in nature are a few examples of holistic healing that have helped people tremendously and that you can learn and implement in your own recovery.

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