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The Law of Attraction, Mental Illness and Addiction

What we focus our attention on grows. When we focus on our complaints, we are left with more to complain about. When we focus on what we’re grateful for, we find more things to be grateful for. When it comes to mental health and addiction, a huge part of our recovery is working with how we feel about ourselves as people, as people who are unwell, as people who are struggling. We carry a lot of shame, regret and embarrassment. We feel we can’t live down our pasts.

As we work to heal our self-image and grow in self-love, we have to change how we talk to and about ourselves. The Law of Attraction says that what we focus on we attract, what we emit we receive. If we focus on healing and recovery, and align ourselves with those energies, we are more likely to heal and recover. Self-talk is huge. Choosing our thoughts and words consciously goes a very long way.

Constantly thinking or saying “I’m an addict” tells yourself, the people around you and the universe that you are an addict, that you believe you’re an addict, and in a way implies energetically that your identity is your addiction and little else. Repeating things, mentally or out loud, such as “I’m too depressed to do anything,” “I’ll never get better” or “I’ll never change” keeps you depressed, blocks your growth and sets you up not to be able to change. It stifles your capacity and your potential, not to mention draining you of your energy and motivation to do the healing work. These negative words and thought processes don’t reflect healing or the recovery process, and they don’t invite in the people, tools, resources and solutions that can help you.

Try affirming “I am healing” instead, and “I am learning how to be at peace.” Affirmations work best when they are framed in the affirmative rather than the negative. For example, “I am healing” or “I am recovering” will help you to manifest your healing and recovery, while saying “I’m not going to drink alcohol” reinforces the idea of drinking alcohol, making your energy more likely to attract the drinking of alcohol.

When we learn that we are able to consciously manifest what happens in our lives and that we can change everything by changing our energy, we can begin to direct our words and thoughts differently, for the sake of inner peace, wellbeing and progress.

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