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The Power of the Mala Bead

Mala beads are not only beautiful pieces of jewelry but a powerful tool to recite mantras. As many experiences, meditation takes a discipline and focus. The idea is to repeat a mantra 108 times during meditation while using the beads as guidance. 108 beads have a special meaning that, one symbolizes God, zero symbolizes humility and eight stands for infinity. There is often a charm, or another bead to differentiate from the rest of the beads that act as the guru bead or the starting point. This helps with counting how many times the mantras had been recited.

When using the beads, each person will sit in a comfortable meditation position. Preferably with the spine straight, eyes closed, and focus on the breath.The strand of beads will be loosely held in the right hand and the thumb pushes back each bead after every mantra. Each strand will consist of 19, 21, 28, 54, or 108 beads. One, zero, and eight each have their own special meaning. One recognizes one God, zero symbolizes humility, and eight stands for infinity.

There are different meanings behind each strand of beads because of the various gemstones used. Each strand can have different properties, energies, and meaning. There are also different sizes, textures, and colors to suit each person’s needs. It’s important to be aware of the energy being drawn to the body and if there is the option it may be beneficial to choose wisely which gemstone best represents a person’s intention.

Sometimes it’s hard to sit down and meditate. It’s a learning experience and there should be no judgment. There are many different ways to meditate because a person feels as if he/she is with a higher power in any moment of the day. Saying mantras is a great way to focus on a positive affirmation or prayer. Consistency is key to benefit a person the most. Using mala beads have not only been shown to help improve the meditation practice for many people but are also a staple in seasoned meditators alike.

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