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The Rooms of AA

Becoming sober means more than getting the substance out of the someone’s system. To be given the gift of sobriety comes with a balance of giving back to those still in the disease. While someone is still abusing substances, there is a fair amount of disregard for others. Whether or not a person has the disease of addiction, there must be respect for all humankind alike if true happiness will ever exist. It is taught in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous how to begin down this path.

When people come into the AA program in all walks of life. Some have been beaten down to the core, while others unscathed. What all of its members have in common is the way the mind justifies and rationalizes its self-sabotaging actions. Often times, those with mental health also struggle with addiction. There are millions of personalities who come together in the rooms and relate to one another. There is a saying, “some are sicker than others.” This is true to some extent. However, all members are the same in the capacity that they seek the same solution.

Although different groups have different rules, there are one set of traditions. One of the more common rules is asking members to refrain from crosstalk. Unsolicited advice will not be tolerated in the group to help with conflicting personalities. Everyone has the right to their own opinion and there is no need to have members arguing about various matters. Despite members being asked to share experience, strength, and hope, people do get off topic. Having compassion for others is all apart of the process.

Members of AA who frequent meetings, will often find a group of friends who can relate on a deeper level. This is part of the reason to keep coming back. Seeing that it works for others who are going through similar circumstances, can spread hope and wisdom. When there are new members, it’s imperative for them that it is a comforting and welcoming experience. While learning how to live sober, members of AA will find themselves living more functioning and peaceful lives. Sobrieties a gift but a gift that must be reciprocated.

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