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This is Your Daily Reminder: You Have a Purpose

Close your eyes. Notice your thoughts. See that? You have thoughts. You are thinking. Despite their painfulness, the horrible things they are saying to you, the dreadful memories of the past they are replaying or the stressful worries of the future they are burdening you with- these are your thoughts. That means, today you woke up with the ability to think. We all have days when we wish that would just turn off. Thinking and being able to notice your thoughts means your brain is making connections. It might feel like today your brain is working against you. By simply noticing your brain’s ability to notice, you’ve found a secret loophole. Today, your brain is capable of learning. That means today you are capable of changing your thoughts. Changing your thoughts can mean changing your entire day, even your entire life. It might be working already.

Now, notice your breath. Are you breathing? Be very concerned if you notice you are unable to breath at all. Breath is a sign that we are alive. Move your awareness from your breath to your heart. Place your hand on your chest and feel it beating. Notice how your diaphragm continues to rise and fall, breath naturally flowing in and out, as the heart continues to beat. Perhaps your heart is beating very fast, full of anxiety. Still, it beats. See that? Your heart is beating. That means today you are alive. Your heart is beating, pumping blood into your body and your brain.

You Have a Purpose

Your brain is working, noticing it’s own thoughts and learning to choose them mindfully. All of this has one simple, conclusive meaning: you have purpose. What is it, you might be eager to know. Vague and frustrating, one recovery mantra holds vast trauth to this inquiry: more will be revealed. The fact that here you are, heart beating, brain thinking, life still being lived, means that you have a purpose. How that purpose looks is yet to be revealed. Years could pass before today’s purpose is revealed. Stay in the mystery, the wild perplexing mystery of being alive.

You’re here for a reason. Believe it.


Enlightened Solutions honors the dark suffering which stems from drug addiction, alcoholism, and co-occurring disorders such as depression. WE believe in the pervasive power of hope. We see your purpose and potential for this lifetime. It starts with hope. Start your recovery journey with us.

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