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Thoughts People with Depression Often Have

People with depression tend to think thoughts that may seem nonsensical to others. They believe the worst in themselves and feel like no one cares about them. By understanding what people with depression are thinking, you will know how serious depression is and how important it is to get help. 

Everyone Hates Me

One thought you may have is that the people you love like your spouse, kids, and friends all secretly hate you. Even when others tell you that it is not true, you refuse to believe it. You feel that by constantly having to get reassurance from your loved ones if they love you, you fear you will come across as needy. You could also be distancing yourself off from people because you believe that there is no point in making any connections if no one will like you. It is best that you challenge your thoughts in this instance and ask yourself why you think no one will like you. It may help you to write them down. See if what you wrote down is the real truth or your mind playing games with you.

My Partner Is Better Off Without Me

You could be thinking about all of the depressive episodes that your partner has witnessed and helped you through. You know that there is no cure for depression and there is always a chance another episode can come. You may be feeling guilty for putting your partner through this and feel like you are burden to them. That they may be better off with someone who does not have a mental illness and not a lot of emotional baggage. This can also make you think if this person will have a happier life without you. It is important to have a nice, long conversation with your partner and ask him or her if they feel like your depressive episodes are burdening them and what you could do to make it easier for them. Your partner may offer you words of support and love that they are prepared to handle anything that comes along with your mental illness.

Not Good Enough

Another thought you may have is that nothing you do will be good enough for anyone. You could be obsessively thinking about what you should have said, where you failed, how you could have been better, and how you could do more. You may want to improve, but you feel like you do not have it in you. While you may be aware that there are no perfect people in the world, you still feel like a failure. It is important to realize that we all make mistakes. As long as you are trying your best, you are not a failure just because your plans are not working out. You can write down a list of ways you feel like you are failing and then write next to each failure what you have in your power to do to succeed. Do not be afraid to express your doubts to the people around you as they may be able to help you reach your goals.

People Are Using Me

You may be thinking that the people around you do not really like you. They are only being nice to you out of politeness, but talking horrible about you behind your back. The only time your loved ones will be nice to you is if they want something from you. Do not be quick to assume that your loved ones are using you because they have been distant from you unless they want a favor. If this is bothering you, you should express your thoughts to them and tell them to be honest with you about your relationship with them. 

Losing People Because of My Depression

Before you were diagnosed with depression, you probably had more energy and were more happy compared to when your mood changed. You could be afraid that people notice a loss in personality or that you are feeling dull. You feel that because you are not the same person, no one will want to be around you. It is important for you to talk to your loved ones and explain to them that depression is a mental illness that you have no control over. You have changes in your mood, but you are receiving treatment for it. If they can be patient with you, you will be able to have a successful recovery. 

I Am Afraid I Cannot Love Anyone Anymore

Depression has a tendency to make you feel drained and numb. You could be afraid that you will push everyone away by feeling numb. That you will lose the tendency to love anyone. You should know that there are mood stabilizers to help you be in a better mood. Love is something that you will never run out of. You just need to be in a better headspace to be able to feel that love which treatment will help do for you.

No One Will Notice My Struggle

The worst fear you could have is when you feel terrible but no one notices. It feels like you are drowning, but no one will save you because they think you are fine. Do not wait until someone notices your depression as the opportunity to get help. Admit to yourself and others that you need help for your depression before it gets worse. 

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