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Three Simple Ways to Cope with Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the many mental illnesses affecting countless people around the world. Anxiety often manifests as strong feelings of fear and nervousness and can impair us in all areas of our lives. The sources of our anxiety can come from anywhere; trauma, the pressures of daily life, interpersonal relationships, traffic! Here are some very effective ways to cope with anxiety that are simple and easy:

Breathing Exercises

Our breath more than keeps us alive, it connects our minds with our bodies, hearts, souls and spirits. Those experiencing anxiety have probably noticed at one time or another that they are breathing in short, quick, shallow breaths, or that they are struggling to be able to take deep breaths. This is often due to the inner turmoil of anxiety, and it can also be due simultaneously to lung problems such as asthma. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lungs are associated with grief, and many people with chronic anxiety have also experienced serious trauma and the grief that can accompany it. There are countless helpful breathing exercises such as yogic breathing techniques, including alternate nostril breathing and the ujjayi ocean breath.

One super simple exercise specifically for anxiety, and for asthma also interestingly, is easy to remember- 1:2 breathing, where your exhale is twice as long as your inhale, meaning if you breathe in for 4, you will breathe out for 8, pausing at the top of the inhale and at the bottom of the exhale. The longer exhale and pausing help to balance your body’s CO2 levels, which are often high in over thinkers, over breathers and asthmatics. As you read this, how does your breathing feel? Is it shallow and fast? Is it labored and difficult? Being conscious, mindful and intentional with our breathing can do wonders for our anxiety.


Breathing is a fundamental part of meditation, which itself has countless different methods. Those who have come to believe they can’t meditate might not have found a method that works for them. Focusing on our breathing while allowing our thoughts to come and go without attachment is just one of many different forms of meditation. There are walking meditation, visualization, chanting, repeating affirmations, listening to meditation music, meditative activities like knitting, staring at a single point such as a candle flame, and so many more. One beautiful meditation technique is visualizing healing light coming from above- from the Universe, God, Source, your higher power, your angels, (whatever name feels right for you)- and flowing into your crown and third eye chakras, located in your head and between your eyes, respectively. When your mind wanders as it will naturally do, gently bring it back to the light. Any form of meditation you find that works for you helps you to slow your breathing and your heart rate. Meditation in general helps increase our sense of calm, inner peace and resilience, ultimately making us happier, stronger and more at peace.


One simple way to meditate is by repeating affirmations, a method that is powerful for reprogramming the fears and doubts stored in our subconscious minds. For anxiety, try saying and writing:

I am at peace within myself.

I am calm and balanced.

Everything happens as it’s meant to.

I trust in my higher power.

I am manifesting everything I need to live my best life.

I am grateful for the beauty of life.

Anxiety doesn’t have to derail your life. Let Enlightened Solutions help. Call (833) 801-LIVE today.

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