Anyone who struggles with anxiety knows this to be true. Experiencing anxiety attacks throughout a day, or having the constant feeling of burdensome worry feels like a lot. Anxiety is not just a mental health disorder but a physical health disorder as well. Hypertension, high blood rates, and other physical symptoms can come along with anxiety.The Washington Post reports that anxiety in youth might cause anxiety later on in life, also causing the onset of dangerous health problems having to do with the heart. 15-20 percent of seniors suffer from an anxiety disorder, according tothe post, and is often problematic.

Anxiety Disorders

Unfortunately, anxiety is often mischaracterized and goes without treatment. People who are just labeled worriers and people who overthink things too often might internalize these criticisms as a problem unique to them. Instead of wonder if this is something other people struggle with, perhaps realizing it might be a diagnosable problem, they take the comments on as something wrong with just them. Millions of people live with mental health disorders like anxiety but do not receive a formal diagnosis or any kind of treatment. Anxiety disorders are often co-occurring with substance use disorders as people turn to the relieving effects of substance abuse.

Life Is full of things to worry about from interpersonal problems to intrapersonal problems. However, carrying the weight of your world and the whole world all at once is a task not assigned to anyone. Learning to manage anxiety is critical for learning to live with it in a healthy way. In addition to anxiety management techniques, therapy and medication are also helpful. Cognitive behavioral therapy has been proven to be the most effective form of anxiety treatment, even without the help of medication. Cognitive behavioral therapy works because it helps change the way people with anxiety think. Anxiety is largely a thinking disorder. Mindfulness Based stress reduction practices are also helpful in calming the mind and creating clarity where there is normally only chaos.

Anxiety can feel like a train of worry which is never going to stop. We know that coming to terms with a mental illness can be challenging. If you or a loved one is struggling with anxiety and a co-occurring substance use disorder, Enlightened Solutions is here to help. Our treatment programs are certified for dual diagnosis and designed to encourage the development of each person as they are uniquely are. For information on our partial care programs and how we can help you start living your best life today, call 833-801-5483 today.