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Toxic Relationships and Inner Peace

On our journey to inner peace, we often find ourselves in relationships that reflect the exact opposite. Because we manifest from the inside out, our inner turmoil from mental health issues and addictions can cause us to attract and choose relationships that hurt us rather than help us heal.

Many of us find ourselves in tumultuous and volatile relationships, full of ups and downs, back and forths- relationships that are on again – off again, where you’re constantly finding yourself fighting and/or breaking up. They are often relationships full of drama, tension and conflict; lies, abuse, and even violence.

One such relationship is the soulmate “twin flames” partnership. Twin flames mirror back to us our fears and pain, and they often cause us a lot of suffering which forces us to learn painful lessons and to grow exponentially. These relationships are often short-lived but profoundly life-changing. With life’s growing pains come expansion and growth. This painful process often ends in disaster and heartbreak, leaving us to unpack the lessons in the years to come and often adding to the mental and emotional problems we already had.

For some of us, we form attachments and co-dependent relationships with people we aren’t truly happy or compatible with. We might become complacent or comfortable even when we know we aren’t truly happy, sometimes because we are in denial, sometimes because we are afraid to be alone. And for some of us, unhealthy relationships function just like any other addiction, and we struggle to remove ourselves from them but can’t.

Whatever the story, we often have one thing in common causing us to attract and manifest unhealthy relationships, and that is a lack of inner peace. The feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy that we carry within us from trauma, especially traumas we experienced as children, can develop into all kinds of mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, neurosis, self-esteem issues, anger problems, and addictions. All of these are factors contributing to our inner turmoil and therefore to the kinds of relationships we attract and choose.

When we are at peace within ourselves, we are much less likely to choose relationships that cause us confusion, pain or trauma. When we are at peace, we don’t want to settle for turmoil, or for anything that would take us further away from our inner peace. We no longer create the time or space for the worrying, deliberation and anxiety that can come with toxic relationships. We no longer settle for the manipulation and dishonesty. As we heal and prioritize our sanity, we often find that our relationships become healthier, and we move away from any that were causing toxicity in our lives.

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