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Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is one of the toughest conditions that men and women all over the world struggle with every day of their lives. The reason why alcohol addiction is so hard to battle is that most people don’t often see the regular consumption of alcohol as a problem, so it becomes habitual and commonplace.

After all, it’s an acceptable (and legal) way to celebrate, commiserate, and relax. For many people, one or two drinks with dinner or at a social gathering is enough, but for those that bear the weight of addiction one is too many, and ten is never enough. At Enlightened Solutions, we have created a recovery program that can help those suffering from alcohol addiction, since contrary to what we may see, it is a prevalent problem, but not one you have to suffer through alone.

What is Alcohol Addiction Like?

When we think about alcohol addiction or talk with someone that struggles with it, the need to drink is often described as an obsession or a nagging feeling, but how you choose to label the addiction is up to you. In recovery treatments, we respect these labels as our clients choose to use them, but we establish the need to take control over this obsession so that we can overcome that need and redirect the mind’s focus from alcohol to healthier choices in life. In alcohol addiction, the brain’s natural chemical processes and focus are interrupted so that instead of thinking about responsibilities or loved ones, they think about alcohol. The central point in an addictive mindset is the substance, and the focus on when and how they can get their next “fix.”

Signs of Alcohol Addiction:

  • Missing family events, important meetings, and lack of control with everyday responsibilities
  • Financial issues
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Isolation
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Glassy, red-eyed gaze
  • Inability to speak clearly
  • Resentment and anger
  • Irritation when asked about excessive drinking
  • Inability to process or make coherent conversation

Addictive Behaviors and an Affinity for Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is one of the hardest to pinpoint in family members and friends since it’s so easy to hide, and therefore easy to fall into without even realizing there’s a problem. Alcoholism is also a disease that runs in families, and the behaviors of an alcoholic can start in childhood. Depending on the situations and/or trauma a child experiences, and whether or not they were around someone in the family with alcoholic tendencies, their brain is conditioned for addiction early on. In family constellation therapy, we work with these inherited behaviors and the predisposition towards alcoholism by connecting with the emotions surrounding alcohol addiction. We think back to our childhood and the specific bonds we have to our family members. Understanding our past connections and current loyalties will help us unpack our need for alcohol.

Recovery is Challenging

We must engage completely to be successful in recovery.

Recovery from alcohol abuse is complicated since it’s connected in so many ways to our past and present experiences, the environment we grew up in, and how we’ve been conditioned to feel or not to feel through suppression of emotion. People often turn to alcohol to protect themselves from feelings – shame, guilt, problems with romantic connections, and self-esteem issues. For many, these deeply settled causes of alcohol addiction have lived within them for years, sometimes decades. To achieve complete recovery and to find your balance in a sober living environment, it’s necessary to strip our souls of trauma layer by layer. At Enlightened Solutions, should you choose to open up to treatment, we will work through emotions and memories and dissect the reasoning behind addictive behaviors.

Alcohol impairs judgment, and steals your control and ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle in so many ways. When alcohol is consumed for a long period of time, the body can’t filter it like it used to and the liver is compromised, causing issues like heart conditions and diabetes, which will only worsen with further abuse. We want to help our clients heal starting with detoxification, mindful conditioning, and spiritual cleansing. Our 12-step philosophy can guide our clients through their daily activities here at Enlightened Solutions so they can take stock of how far they’ve come in their journey to free their mind, body, and spirit. When we drink, our thoughts become dark, and we internalize the emotional struggle within our hearts; addiction recovery will help break through these barriers to find happiness once again.

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