As living creatures, we are constantly producing and circulating energy. Our mental and emotional energies are made up of our thoughts, beliefs, intentions, actions and behaviors. Fear, trauma and pain can do a number on the health and balance of our energies. We often act from a place of fear, pain, anger, sadness and shame, and this can impact everything in our lives, from our daily routines to our most challenging issues. Our energy influences our circumstances, our relationships, our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing- potentially all the elements of our lives.

Many of us become trapped by the fears we create from the illusions of our ego minds. We tell ourselves we’re not good enough, that we are in competition with other people, that we can’t reach our goals, that we’ll never amount to anything. We watch the news and lose faith in humanity. We stay stuck in our fears and lose faith in ourselves, our lives and our purpose.

When our traumas go unhealed, our fears and pain can affect us in powerful ways. We become unkind and lash out at others. We judge ourselves and each other harshly and without compassion. We become dishonest, disrespectful, even abusive. We develop addictive behaviors. We struggle with toxic relationships. We self-destruct. Some of us become violent, towards ourselves or others, or both. We isolate and live in fear, some of us unable to leave the house or talk to other people. We develop all kinds of dysfunctional life patterns: phobias, neuroses, pathological tendencies, addictions, obsessions, compulsions, delusions, and countless other disorders.

As we become mired in our toxic thought patterns, our energy suffers. This is the energy with which we live. It’s how we respond to life; how we deal with ourselves, the world and the people around us. We create and manifest with this energy, and our lives show us direct results of our energetic blueprint. When we are experiencing inner turmoil, we manifest struggle and problems. When we are insecure and don’t love ourselves, we manifest relationships that are destructive and abusive. When there is violence within us, we create more violence around us. When we are drowning in fear inside of ourselves, we manifest more circumstances that cause us to feel afraid. When we feel unworthy and don’t value ourselves, we manifest more instability and pain.

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