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Waiting for the Transformation

Recovery means different things to different people. For the addicts, there had only been one way to cope. This was to reach for the bottle or drug which has the power to mask the pain inside. There could have been other circumstances that come into play, but in the end, alcohol is there to make life appear easier. This might work at first, but those with addiction problems will find themselves worse off almost every time they decide to drink or use. The way the mind functions in an addict is to rationalize why what is so clearly the wrong decision, is a perfectly fine idea. It’s complete insanity and until there is a spiritual experience there will be a difficult road to go down.

Living in contrary action is how all addicts should operate. For example, there might be an instance when the mind is telling the addict that it’s okay to stop at a bar for food. The addict can also eat at a somewhere that doesn’t sell alcohol. Why would the addict choose the bar setting? The reason is that the mind wants what it wants, and that’s an excuse to drink or use. The mind is loud and can justify almost anything. If the addicts the mind win, there might be a relapse at risk.

This is why we suggest using certain tools in situations like these. A spiritual experience will give the addict hope. Having a connection with a God of their understanding, will guide them out of harm’s way. God’s will would will never include any substances. It’s as if a dog owner watched its beloved animal run into a pack of coyotes. This would be the same concept as him watch over the addicts destruction with sadness. That is why having a connection with a higher power is such a powerful tool for growth and serenity.  For those who have a hard time accepting there is a God, remember that it’s not a religious concept as much as it’s spiritual.

One of the main suggestions alcoholics highly recommend is the act of reaching out to others in need. Prayer or meditation is a way of coping when the addict feels they might take a drink or drug. Anytime an addict decides against the idea of the drink or participate in harmful behavior,, the transformation takes place. In recovery, the addict learns new behavior and that every day sober is a true miracle. Having spirituality will have a new meaning each day and the addict will find true love and happiness within.

Enlightened Solution’s holistic program is a spiritually based and will help guide addicts to see the light through our many methods of treatment. Finding self-love is important to move on from the past with grace and dignity. For more questions call: 833-801-5483.

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