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6 Ways Alcohol Impairs Driving

Alcohol consumption affects every individual in various ways. When it comes to how much is too much, each person is impacted differently. The effects alcohol has on a person depends on his or her physical and mental conditions, and how much and often they drink. Alcohol causes an individual to lose the ability to control speech, thinking, coordination, movements, and affects vision.

Alcohol impairs a person’s ability to drive. When a person drinks and drives, they risk having an accident or causing a fatality. Here are six ways alcohol impairs driving:

  1. Concentration. While driving, a person must concentrate and multitask all the time. A person must steer, focus on speed, follow traffic signals, watch for other vehicles, and avoid pedestrians. Even a small amount of alcohol impacts the ability to concentrate while driving.
  2. Reaction. A person must have the ability to react quickly to avoid harmful situations or accidents while driving. If a person is intoxicated, his or her reaction is slowed and can cause an accident. Alcohol slows down a person’s reaction response and can result in deadly consequences.
  3. Vision. A driver needs to be able to see clearly while operating a vehicle. He or she needs to see other cars, bicyclists, pedestrians, and wildlife to avoid fatalities. Driving conditions are a factor in a person’s vision, too. Driving in direct sunlight, in heavy rain, snow, or in the dark can affect a person’s vision. Driving while intoxicated significantly increases the visual impairment.
  4. Perception. Alcohol affects a person’s perception, which can lead to an accident or fatality. A driver needs to use their perception to avoid dangerous circumstances.
  5. Judgment. A driver uses good judgment when driving. When a person drinks and drives, his or her critical thinking, reasoning, and ability to make good decisions is significantly reduced.
  6. Comprehension. Alcohol lessens a driver’s ability to understand traffic signals and road signs. An intoxicated driver cannot identify situations that require a quick reaction to stay safe on the road.

Drinking and driving is extremely dangerous and is illegal. Driving while intoxicated is deadly and should be avoided. Alcohol impairs a person’s brain function and interferes with his or her ability to react. If your loved one or friend is drinking alcohol, do not let him or her drive.

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