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Ways You Can Do Music Therapy At Home: Part One

Music therapy is as simple as listening to music and getting lost in the sounds. Professional music therapists are trained to guide a music therapy session over time and help their clients move through certain emotional barriers. Alone, however, music therapy can do the same thing because music is transformational. Music and the words in lyrics can help you learn about yourself, other people’s lives, and more.


  • Listen to music: Listening to music not only helps you with insight, but the vibrations from music help you heal energetically. Different kinds of music have different kinds of energy. Choose music to meet your mood or choose music to get you out of your mood. You’ll be surprised what different kinds of music can do for your state of mind. While listening to music, tune into your mindfulness. Notice how the music makes you feel. What thoughts come up? Do your muscles tense or relax? Do you feel like dancing or does the music bring out emotions like crying? If you cry, is it pain, sadness, happiness, or grief? Pay attention to how the music affects you and notice any patterns. You can learn from this experience and curate your music listening therapy more specifically next time.
  • Play music: Playing a musical instrument is described as meditation for many people. Playing music has beats and rhythms, chords and harmonies. When you play an instrument, the instrument emits energy and vibrations through the soundwaves which go right into your body. Playing music also helps take you out of your head. You have to focus fully on what you’re doing and how you’re playing. If you’re distracted, you won’t be fully present with what you’re playing. Find anything to play music on. If you are familiar with an instrument, turn to that. If you are learning an instrument brand new, have patience and enjoy the process of picking up a new talent.
  • Dance to music: Dancing is a music therapy and an expressive arts therapy. Ancient cultures have been using dancing for therapy for thousands of years as a way to heal, celebrate, mourn, detox, pray, and more. Dancing to music does the same thing that music does and more. You workup your heart rate, you break a sweat, and you internalize the energy. Dancing is vulnerable. You have to be comfortable to let yourself dance with yourself and in front of others. The process results in you feeling more liberated, having a great time, and cutting loose.


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